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Bethany's diary

Bringing my Dukan start date forward to today, and Tesco order placed for delivery tomorrow. Had great fun on mysupermarket :) Awaiting quantities of chicken, beef, fish, oatbran, 0% Greek yoghurt etc, and took the opportunity to clean out the herb & spice racks. Going to do 6 days of Attack as per my official blah on the Dukan website, so taking stock of my progress next Sunday.

The poor hubby's bemused but supportive; I can always do veg for him. Fortunately I'm on a 2 week break from work which makes this easier. Just cutting out the wheat is going to make me feel so much better. Off to take some measurements with the tape measure - I have a pair of non-stretch jeans in the wardrobe which I haven't been able to wear for a few months thanks to my muffin top. I have a gym membership but am just recovering from disc replacement surgery so am a little cautious. I've got the go-ahead for a return to light weight-training now, and I'm committing to the daily walks and maybe some swimming too.
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B: 2 hardboiled eggs
L: 2 X thin grilled steak (found it really hard to eat for some reason)
Snack: 4 Crabsticks
D: Roast chicken (not the skin) + oatbran stirred into 0% yoghurt with sweetener

Coffee, water, a few swigs of Diet Pepsi. Amazed at how unhungry I feel because I really haven't eaten a large quantity today, but enough to make me feel satisfied. When I think of how many pastries etc I normally eat to fill myself up ...
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Thanks :) I can get a tad obssessive at the start of things like this - I'm not really very easygoing when I'm working towards goals, and they call me the Spreadsheet Queen :) But I don't beat myself up if it temporarily goes pearshaped. I could've possibly picked a better week to declutter and autumn-clean the house though ...
Ooh yum - hot chicken dipped in Total 0% yoghurt. Absolutely wonderful. This is going to open up all kinds of possibilities for sauces ... Silicone muffin cases coming tomorrow.
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Day 2 - feeling a bit wobbly so retiring back to bed with my Dukan book on Kindle and a jug of water, as I don't think I drank enough yesterday. Going to munch on king prawns for breakfast.
I will - I had a whole pack of king prawns for breakfast, and lots of chicken for lunch. Grilled steak + poached egg for dinner, although I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever feel hungry again ....
Tomorrow I may do things differently and have the oatbran in something baked for breakfast; I got some mini silicone muffin cups from Tesco so I'll play with those. The scales aren't moving much for me and I feel abnormally bloated and heavy, although 'transit' isn't an issue. I'm finding this harder than Atkins, having to watch the fat content as well as the carbs. In fact I'm wondering if the sweeteners in the lowfat dairy are working against me and my dodgy thyroid - harumph. Or maybe I'm simply eating too much.

Thinking I'm going to adopt a fundamentalist approach - cut right back on the lowfat dairy (I don't need a sauce really), up the clean protein like plain meat and eggs and only eat when I'm truly hungry, drink even more water, get my lardy butt moving even more with a DVD, and see if that does the trick. I don't want to get to the end of Attack and find that nothing much has happened; I'd be very disappointed with that.

I certainly feel better than I did this morning. So unhungry right now - I probably won't eat tonight although I have nibbly things ready if I feel the need. I feel as if I've binged on all this marvellous protein that I don't normally have, and my body's not sure if it likes it or not. Not really craving anything (thought I'd go stircrazy for Cheddar), and certainly not missing carbs - the food just doesn't feel 'clean' and 'light' to me. We'll see. I can do this - I can live like a Puritan for the next 3-4 days.

Did any of you actually count the carbs on Attack?

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