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Ok maybe not skinny.....but a damn site lighter and healthier than I am.

Day 4 on lipotrim - TFR

Got my DH to take some photos of me last night. Its a long time since I let anyone knowingly take a full body shot of me without me strategically placing one or both of my kids in front of me. A toddler and a four year old are a god send for draping purposes in photographs...........:eek:

When they are not in my arms all is truly revealed.

So last night when I got into bed I could hear the clock ticking, the dog licking himself downstairs in the hall, every noise and creak in the house. DH and I had a good laugh as to whether it was because I was usually anaesthetised with food and wine or whether I had lost weight in my ears ????
Day 4
I am feeling really hungry today............drinking lots of water...........but thinking about splitting my last shake into two so that I won't feel as hungry tonight.
I was fine in work. But got a call from the creche to come home as my 18 month old had a high temp so have been home here with him since midday. Much harder when i am here, feeding him and getting beakers of juice etc. Back and forth to my arch nemesis the fridge.

Still - all in all a good day.

Better go feed the kids !

welcome betty and best of luck in the first few weeks, they were the hardest for me.
Day 6 and first weigh in


So day five was easy. I have been thinking alot about how I got so fat in the first place. Like it says on the lipotrim dvd its not just about eating too much and lack of exercise.......why do I eat so much and more importantly how do I change my behaviour so that when I reach goal weight I don't put an ounce of fat back on..........

This morning I went for my first weigh in. I was waiting an age in the pharmacy before the pharmacist called me in...........:D
10.8 lbs down after 6 days.....I was so thrilled with myself. I felt like punching the air on my way out of the pharmacy.

My DH was extremely proud of me as well......

YAY me......!!! now for week 2.
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well done bettyboo!! Stay strong.
Ann x
and on the 7th day...........all is well. Now both my kids are sick with chest infections which is hard......but all is well in the house.

I made a big homemade lasagna for the boys to tuck into - tons of vegtables etc.
I have realised over the last week how much 'quality control' I do. In other words I was continuously tasting and testing the kids food. My kids have always eaten a very very healthy diet because I was so terrified they will have a weight problem like me. Even tonight as I spooned the end of a lasagna into my 18 month old I realised that normally I would have taken the last spoon myself if he refused it.

Bread - bread and butter have been my nemisis for a long time. I did my shopping online for the family this week so that I wouldn't have to deal with walking past the bakery counter and the cooked chickens etc. For some reason the supermarket gave me 10 free bread rolls when they delivered the shopping(yes they were on the receipt as free). Normally five of them would be inside me already. They would have been smeared with butter and possibly mushroom paté or philadelphia. I didn't hesitate to put them in the Freezer and I will use them for the kids tea or DHS lunches during the week. Evil supermarket! It made me feel really really in control. I have plenty of energy but have to admit that I did struggle today to get through my water and as a result am about 3 pints behind. Still its hours before I go to bed so I will keep going.
For some reason I only had two shakes yesterday. This is probably because I split my chicken one in two and therefore thought I had three. I felt sick when I woke up this morning......but got better and better as the day went on.


So Day 11

All going well all though I had to take laxatives last night and finally got ahem a result today. Sorry about the TMI

I am guzzling down my water. Delighted with myself as a few people have asked me if I have lost weight and I am only at the start of my long journey.

Already I find it easier to manouvere. Getting up and down off the floor with the kids is easier. My suit jacket buttons up nicely and there is spare room underneath !!!

Hi Betty,

At the start of any diet you will normally either get constipated or go the other way and then things do settle down.

You can get fibre clear in the chemist to help things move nicely along. I took a teaspoonful of fibre clear most days on Lipotrim.

It is very easy to take as it is clear and tasteless.

Love Mini xxx
Have the lipotrim thanks Mini and have taken it already. Will have to up the dose so to speak.

Left my shaker behind me in work this evening and accidently used my husbands glass of Solpadeine instead of my own glass of water into the blender with a chocolate shake. Drank thinking hmmmmmmmmmmm this tastes weird. Not the same as usual. YUK


Day 12 and all well.

Have been weighing myself at home because my clothes are hanging off me. Its great. Don't want to post until I get the official weight amount from the pharmacy tomorrow morning - but have to say I am really really excited.


Hi Betty,

I hope you have measured yourself from head to toe and taken some photos as you will see the difference in yourself big time.

Good luck with weigh in tomorrow.

Remember if you drink a lot of water before weigh in it will show on the scales.

Try and do the same thing each day before way in and wear the same clothes, well until the get too big just to give you a more accurate reading.

A litre of water weighs 1.01 kilograms!

Love Mini xxx

Last Friday 2nd weigh in. coming up to totm....I was still 7.5 lbs down. So happy.

The pharmacist is a bit of a ride (as we say in Dublin) and as I was leaving he walked me out and said ' you are doing really really well' I lost six stone on it and I never had the resolve you have.
Now the guy looked so slim and fit - like he never could have had six stone to loose ever.
Anyway - that made me very happy.

Saturday was fine until about 8.30 at night when I went a bit mad and shoved half a leftover sandwich into my mouth.:confused:
I immediately felt shocked, guilty and angry for possibly knocking myself out of ketosis. So I threw it back up. Not something I would recomend anyone do with unchewed food. I thought I had that side of myself under control - but it just goes to show that I don't - far from it.

Anyway today is another day and its going well. Have a headache but thats from totm. AM drinking lots of water. Roll on the next way in until I see if the sandwich did me any dammage.


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Im sure half a sandwich will not do that much damage hun, please dont purge again, if you put something in your mouth either spit it out or if the worst comes to the worst glug lots of water, we all have off moments but its not worth throwing up over hun x
Lecture over lol!!!!!!
So 3 days into week 3. I have put the 'incident' on Saturday night behind me although its a reminder to stay on the wagon. Can't sake this headache at all...............


Hey honey... just read ur post about the pharmacist being 'a ride' ha ha very funny!!!! where is he???????? me wants to see him now!!!

re.. ur headache... are you taking paracetemol for it?? i really don't agree with suffering if there is something you could take for it!!!

Try ur best to forget about saturday night... u are back on track and have learned from it and that my friend is all that matters.

keep up the good work ur doing fab!!


Gen xx
Headache gone for 2 days now. Feeling good although neck is sore (probably from too much time at pc).

All well.