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Betty's diary thread - Weigh in tomorow


soon to be skinny minnie
Just thought i'd start a thread and keep adding to it, i see some of you do this so thought i'd join in.

Well i faced the music and went to weigh in today. I gained 2lbs. However i had a good long talk with my consultant and discussed a few things and i left class feeling great. I know i can lose those 2lbs plus lots more. I have decided to just do green days as i hate red days but have been making myself do about 3 a week as i thought it would give me better losses,(turns out it hasn't really) however there is no point in making myself miserable.

I was asking my consultant if it was ok to save syns and she told me no, and that sw was not designed to do that. I also asked her about the new plan and she said she is doing it now and she loves it, she has lost 11lbs. She said it is basically you can eat red and green free foods on the same day and same meal and are allowed one of each healthy extras. I can't wait to get the book to start this, because i do like some meat with lots of carbs, but don't like having to measure it. She said we will be getting the new plan in december.

Hope you are all having a good day. Thanks everyone who replied to my 'feeling horrible thread'. I am feeling much better now:D:D:D
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soon to be skinny minnie
Well truly back on track now and feeling much better for it. You don't notice how rubbish you feel when eating badly until you start eating well then you feel great.

I thought it was only batchelors macaroni that was synned upon on green but so is the cheese leek and ham. Though it is worth the syn, it is gorgeous. I made it then mixed through some quark and it was extra creamy and had it with a massive jacket potato for dinner. The first time i have ever used quark!!


soon to be skinny minnie
Well am about to get ready to go shopping. I thought i had a good load of stuff bought in, that is until i wrote out a list and turns out i still have lots of people to get for.

I'm really struggling with my 7 year old this year. Normally he has something in mind that he wants but this year he doesn't know what he wants. He loves dr who so i could get him some of the figures and stuff he doesn't have. Does any of you have a boy in the same age group, what are you getting them, i need some ideas.


Is so very nearly there!
Good Luck and glad feeling happier now!

I have no idea for boys my DD is 7 but a girls (funny that!)

Have fun shopping?!


soon to be skinny minnie
Well i just had the best breakfast ever. I can't believe how good the sw plan is, even though i have been on and off plan since 2003 sometimes i still can't believe how good it is. I had 2 bowers sausages done in the oven (synned), lots of scrambled egg with quark, lots of beans and hexb of wholemeal toast, cup of tea and a mullerlight.

Finally think i have got all my son's xmas stuff. Got some stuff in town yesterday and done some online shopping. He's got dr who stuff, spy stuff, a wooden castle for his knights, and a wee orange digital camera (which was the only thing he asked for) , and james bond for the wii. I still have most other people to get for but at least the kids are out of the way as they were my main priority.

Hope you are all having a good day x


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Yum scrambled egg with quark sounds ace, I'll have to try that.


soon to be skinny minnie
Well i am dreading wi tomorow. After gaining 2 last week i would like to lose 3, the 2 i gained plus another one. The problem is i am feeling really bloated and my stomach is clearly swollen. I don't even know if totm is due coz my implant messed everything up.

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