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Bibaloo's diary.... This time I will succeed!!


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So... Here we go. I'm determined to make this work!

Day one. April 7th
Green day

Breakfast - tomatoes on 2 slices of weightwatchers Danish bread (b)

Lunch (after gym) - synfree green quiche with a sprinkling of cheese (a)
Homemade syn free veg soup

Milk in tea (a)

Dinner- quorn sausage and baked bean casserole
Pouch of tilda pure basmati rice (1.5)
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Been good today. Eating my tea in work now and I'm stuffed the only extra I've had is a bag of sunbites (6)
Shouldn't feel hungry today now and I'm in work til 11 anyway. I've got a b for toast if I need it when I get home


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Today's plan:
Friday April 8th
Red day

Breakfast - 2 rashers of lean back bacon, scrambled egg, 3 slices of ww Danish bread (b)

Lunch - yoghurt, apple (light lunch cause I'm off to the gym at 2pm)

Then straight to work (4pm to 2am shift). Will snack on a fruit salad

Dinner (not til 10pm)
The rest of my rota are having kebabs so, not wanting to be left out, I'll take my own. I'll do the lamb recipe from the recipe forum and take a salad and a pitta and chilli sauce. 1b plus any sauce syns which I can't imagine will be much

Have a good day all!!! X
Morning, mmm the kebabs are really nice!
Are you doing SW for the first time? How long have you been on plan?
Looks like your doing well so far!
Hope you have the lovely sunshine where you are! have a nice day! x


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Hello!! Thanks for replying.
I've been doing slimming world off and on since I was about 15 (I'm 34 this year!!) I've always lost, then gone back to my old ways and put it all back on.
I went to class up until about 2 months ago but was struggling. I had to stop going to class because my twins are 14 months now and got too much to handle in class. I was getting stressed out, the class was getting distrupted and I used to leave feeling upset. The whole plan fell apart.

Now I've decided enough is enough. I'm fed up of feeling miserable and ugly and this time I simply have to try and stick at it.
I only restarted a couple of days ago but I'm feeling enthusiastic.
I'm praying it works this time x
Aw how lovely to have twins. but also double the trouble lol!
I dont have children, but I do feel for you, it sounds hard work, ther are mothers in our group that left due to their kiddie's but have done really well at home, and using minimins!
Just take day at a time, and when you are having a down moment think about how you are doing it for them!

looks like you do mostly red and green days, do you do any EE? so far iv only done extra easy, im a bit scared to try a green day, it sounds too easy lol. like i cant possibly loose weight eating all those carbs.



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I used to do extra easy but I felt like you do about red and greens - it seemed weird being able to mix things together... And I missed my second HEs. I thought I'd go back to basics for a bit for a kick start. I'll probably do EEs now and then for Sunday lunches etc.

It's hard work now with the twins. When they were little they would sleep through class but now they refuse to sit still and if one kicks off, the other copies! My mum still goes so she can pass on any new news etc. Plus the money I'm saving I've put into a gym membership. It's hard finding the time (and babysitters) to go but I enjoy it when I'm there
Today's plan is:
Red day

Breakfast- poached egg on 3 slices of ww danish (b)

Lunch - left over kebab meat, salad, wholemeal pitta (b)

Dinner - tuna salad, pitta (6), bag of sunbites (6)

Milk in tea (a)

Total syns - 12
Today... Not sure if it's red or EE yet

Breakfast- poached egg, three ww Danish (b)

Lunch - possibly an Innocent Thai curry veg pot but don't know the syns

Dinner- chicken salad, pitta (b or 6 syns depending on lunch)
Hi. Hope you had a good weekend?!

did you have the Innocent Thai curry veg pot? if i can remember rightly they are 4syns on EE, so not bad for a pre packed meal.
Glad you enjoyed your kebab! I think that food is even more yummy since iv been making it the slimming world way. x
I was working all weekend so it was as good as could be expected :) I'm off now for 2 weeks and typically it's raining!!

The veg was really nice and filling. I'd only buy them on offer as they're expensive.

How are things going for you?

Today's plan is green

Breakfast- poached duck egg on 3 slices ww bread (b)

Lunch- quorn lamb style fillet and salad on a wholemeal pitta (b)

Dinner- quorn sausage, Sw chips, beans, egg (yum!!!)

2 glasses of wine- 12
What a beautiful day it's going to be!!
Today's plan us green

Breakfast- scrambled egg on 3 slices of ww Danish (b)

Lunch- savoury rice, quorn lamb style grill

Dinner- quorn bolognaise
Not a great day today. I've stuck to my plan but I've also had cider and crisps!! I had a cheeky weigh this morning and I've lost a bit (won't check properly til Thursday) so perhaps that's made me relax a bit. Must be good for a couple of days cause I'll have a terrible weekend. We have visitors and it's all about eating and drinking.

On the plus side the quorn spag bol was delicious! Never enjoyed it much before so I don't know what I did different this time
Tomorrows plan is green again

Breakfast- 2 weetabix (b) with banana and skimmed milk (a)

Lunch- left over quorn spag bol, salad, cheese (a)

Dinner- egg, Sw chips, mushy peas
What do you do to get 2 weeks of? My holiday can't come quick enough. Would love some time off work. Have you got anything nice planned?
Yeah having visitors is hard, can really test your will power or in my case lack of. Could you make a syn free curry or something? x
Morning!! Got no plans for my leave really it's just our hols run from may to the end of April and I had time to use up. Got my real leave in June :)

I won't be able to stick to the plan this weekend. Weekends with these friends consist of lots of booze and nibbles. I'll try and be reasonably good with food but it'll be so hard. We have someone who eats no veg, someone who eats no meat and someone who eats no bread! Buffet is the way forward I think
Well today has been rubbish. Had poached egg on toast for breakfast but have been too busy to have anything since and it's pizza for dinner ?

This weekend will be a write off so i might as well bugger off til Monday ?

Have a good weekend all xx

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