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Big Dollops diary drivvle


Need To Downsize!
Well its about time i started a diary so as i have somerthing to look back on when im skin and bones :rolleyes: and all this blubber has gone had a good day so far apart from the weather so much for summer

B 2 rashers bacon 2 grilled toms 2 toast, black tea
L raspbery yog ryvita minis (chilli) apple large coffee
T steamed fish,carrot cauli.broccoli and mash with some parsley sauce large pepsi max
Snack orange, banana copious amounts of water
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Need To Downsize!
Today was a bit of a mess didnt eat correctly had breakfast as usual caught up with the house cleaning then decided to sort the garage out so i could get my car in as its been a dumping ground anyway 5 hours later and only a bottle of water it was done geuss ive earnt a few AP`s was absolutey Knackered and decided on a quick tea fish chips and mushy peas (mmmmm) not the chippy batter laden type but steamed

Fridays Menu

B beans on toast,large coffee
L bottle of water
T steamed fish mushy peas and oven chips 2 slices bread Pint pepsi max
Snacks apple banana


Need To Downsize!
Hi Vanda
so far the w/end been good if you discount the weather see from your post youve been shakin your bootee:)
Re the water You know what its like when your doing something if you stop and have a break its hard to start again so decided to get the garage sorted hence just the water for lunch = i was grubby and didnt want to get cleaned up so muck and water was the order for lunch,made up for it at teatime though
back to normal yesterday re food and had a good result on the scales
:wow:- 5.5lbs:wow:
B scrambled egg x2, toast x2 Dollop of brown sauce,Black tea
L apple,banana Coffee ryvita minis S+V
T Ham, loadsa salad, boiled egg,pasta, dollop garlic mayo 2 bread raspberry yog,black tea


Need To Downsize!
not much happened today gave the walls another coat of paint just the topcoat to go then i can get the carpets, skirting and furiture in and Relax

B bacon lettuce & tomatoe sandwich large tea
L Apple,Ryvitasx4 with cheese/tomatoe Coffee
T Beef, Mash, carrots, broccoli, carrots splash of gravy, pepsi max


Need To Downsize!
I'm still waiting for my hall to be decorated ;) x
i know a man that can paint it for you cheap but the travelling expenses are ludicrous :)


Need To Downsize!
The front of my cottage needs a lick of paint too when you're free :D
i will try and fit you into my busy schedule but as you can see ive got work all over the country:):):):)


Need To Downsize!
Ha but just think of all the APs you could get
yes AP`s a plenty but i dont usually use them My allowance is 30 pts a day so i rarely go over but im saving a few for the w/end got a night out sat so will need my beer points

Today has been another great day garden is looking good the sun is shining so it would be rude not to sit and enjoy it, a quick weeding and sweeping session then a coffee and a banana on the patio what more could i want:rolleyes:

B 2 egg and mushroom omlette with 2 toast and a dollop of brown sauce black tea (8 pts )
L banana,apple and ryvita minis large coffee (3 1/2pts)
T potatoes, beef, cauli, carrots, peas and gravy pepsi max, raspberry yoghurt (12 1/2 pts)


Need To Downsize!
30 my gosh I want some :(

Well done on all your loses they are fantastic and your quiet about them, shout them from the roof top :)

Enjoy your day in the sun with your nanana ;) x
thanks for the confidence booster but i dont want to shout just yet until i can back it up with a before and after/during picture as ive a long way to go Hey Rome wasnt built in a day! so plodding on (i mean off) is a good way'

Weighed in this morning and woopee another 3 lbs down and out:) thats a total of -60lbs
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Need To Downsize!
Sounds like a very chilling day just the sort I like. Have an equally chilled weekend
Thanks Vanda but it started well and then Parcel Force delivered my 3 new blinds and i decided to put them up what a mistake :d'oh: hot and sweaty doe not cover the way i was but at least the room is much cooler now its got some shade:)
well done - 60lbs is amazing, no matter where you start from :) dieting is very hard and you deserve some credit for the effort you've put in to achieve what you have so far!

good luck for the rest :) xxx


Need To Downsize!
well done - 60lbs is amazing, no matter where you start from :) dieting is very hard and you deserve some credit for the effort you've put in to achieve what you have so far!

good luck for the rest :) xxx
thankyou for the words of encouragement i do appreciate your comment :thankyou:

Big well done on the 3lbs you. I am looking forward to seeing the before/after pics.

Hope you had a lay down after the blind saga. Have a great Sunday
Hi V
yes i intend to chill out today (sunday) and do diddly squat no matter what! as for the pics it will be a while before you see them as i have no super wide angle lens to get me all in :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: but im working on it:)

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