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Note to self 'I am not a bin'!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Happy fatty, 10 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Happy fatty

    Happy fatty Member

    Hi there,

    Posting is new to me but going to give it a bash...

    Day 1- Monday

    L- Poached egg, asparagus, fat free bacon, salad.

    D- SW (Burgers, mince, red onion, garlic, egg, seasoning, fresh herbs).
    Cous cous salad, (roast peppers, roast butternut squash, oil 2 syns cherry toms).
    Carrot & cucumber sticks & iceberg. House dressing 2 syns.

    S- FF Yog, 1/2 banana, 1tsp honey 1 syn, cocoa pops 20g 5 syns

    Water, Coffee x 2, Tea x 2, HexA 250ml SS Milk

    Day 2- Today

    B- Two poached eggs, 1/2 piece white toast 2.5 syns. Strawberries, banana, orange.

    L- Leftover Couscous salad with 35g Feta 5 syns. Mango.
    D- Grilled chicken breast, broccoli. Rice, lentil HexB, roast butternut squash, onion (oil) 1 syn, dill, parsley, lemon, cumin, corriander & cinnamon combo.- Yum!:D

    S- 2 rice cakes 3 syns

    Water, Coffee x 2, Tea x 2, HexA 250ml SS Milk

    All delicious so far, sugar cravings raging but sunshine helping.

    Any advice very welcome, thanks for reading:)

    Syn total 21.5 out of 30
    Last edited: 12 June 2014
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  3. Happy fatty

    Happy fatty Member

    Day 3- Wed

    L- leftover rice lentil combo- added 2 grated carrots, more dill & lemon, and 25 g feta 3.5 syns

    D- chicken noodle soup with added sweetcorn & flageolet beans HexB
    Strawberries, meringue half nest, 2 syns, lemon curd, 2 syns, ff yog

    S- Rice cake 1.5 syns

    Coffee x 3 tea x 2 250ml ss milk HexA

    Syn total 9syns
    Last edited: 12 June 2014
  4. Happy fatty

    Happy fatty Member

    Day 4- Thursday

    Helped on school trip today. Wondering if my headache was that or sugar withdrawals?!

    B- 2 poached eggs on 1slice 50/50 bread 4.5 syns & forgot fruit

    L- couscous salad toms r pep cuc
    8 pitted kalamata olives 2 syns
    feta 3.5 syns (2 syns left of feta)

    1 pack = 200g 28 syns
    1/2 pack =100g 14 syns
    1/4 pack = 50g 7syns

    -abite of gingerbread man why?? 1syn

    D- leftover syn free chicken noodle soup

    S- ff yog & jordens strawberry crunch 20g 4.5 syns

    D- Coffee x 3, Sugar Free Squash, Tea x 2, 250ml SS Milk HexA

    Syns in total = 15.5
    Last edited: 14 June 2014
  5. Happy fatty

    Happy fatty Member

    Day 5- Friday

    L 2 eggs & dill pancakes rolled with smoked salmon quark. Salad & toms

    S ice lolly 2 syns

    S big bowl fruit mango strawbs blueberries orange

    Bite of kids tea chip & sausage 1syn

    D fillet steak oil 1 syn tomato mushroom cous cous salad 4.5 syns salad

    D- Coffee x 3, Tea x 2, 250ml SS Milk HexA

    Syns in total = 8.5
    Last edited: 14 June 2014
  6. Happy fatty

    Happy fatty Member

    Day 6- Saturday

    B- 2 oranges

    L- SW Falafels (HexB) salad, toms, lemon quark 50g (100g= 1syn, 1pot=250g= 2.5 syns) 0.5 syn, EPC Morrocan spiced chutney 1tbsp 1.5syns

    D- pasta, pesto 1 tsp 1 syn, Parmesan 1 syn, courgette

    S- fab mini ice lolly 2.5 syns coco pops 25g 5.5 syns & 50 ml SS milk 1 syn

    D- Coffee x 3, Sugar Free Squash, Tea x 2, 250ml SS Milk HexA

    Syns in total = 13

    - Quiche, jacket potato, salad
    cottage cheese ham mushroom toms Parmesan (used 50g in total = 10 syns)
    pea courgette mint feta spring onion
    Last edited: 14 June 2014
  7. Happy fatty

    Happy fatty Member

    Day 7- Sunday

    Lunch at Uncle R's: tricky:

    Lots of fish pie, peas, 5 syns for cheese?? No wine- for a change!!

    Pudding.... My strawberry tart 15 syns? Tiny bit of AT's Marsala cake & R's Brownies just to taste??

    No dinner just a bowl of strawberries with leftover yog/cream/ masc/ lemon curd/ icing sugar mix 5 syns??

    Tea and Coffee- so Maybe 30 syns

    Syns for the week before today: 67.5 (out of 90) so I had 22.5 banked +15 for today, that'
    s 37.5 so I think I got away with it!

  8. Happy fatty

    Happy fatty Member

    Monday- Day 1 of Week 2

    Weigh in: Despite party yesterday, period etc...13lb 3lb- loss of 6lb yeah!

    B 2 bananas
    L bowl of cocoa pops, cherrios mix milk (DD rejects- must remember that I am not a bin!!) 10 syns? and a nairns biccy 2 syns
    - Quiche (4 eggs large tub cottage cheese, bit of quark spring onion dill smoked salmon cherry tomatoes jacket potato, salad butter 2 syns dressing 1 syn
    D coffee x 3 milk hexa

    Weather is cold, house is a mess, this is harder today

    syns today 13
    Syns in total for week 13
    Last edited: 17 June 2014
  9. Happy fatty

    Happy fatty Member

    Tuesday day 2 of week 2

    b large bowl of fruit, banana raspberries kiwi orange mango yum!

    S a smartie?!! Just 1! a fw hours later 10 smarties grrrr 3 syns
    l quiche like yesterday 1/2 jacket salad carrot toms. dressing 1 syn

    d pasta Italian chicken onion oil 1tsp 1 syn tomato ratatouille tin morrisons 2syn olives syn 1

    coffee x3, diet 7up, 2 teas hexa in milk

    syns for today 6
    syns for the week so far 19 out of 30
    Last edited: 17 June 2014
  10. Happy fatty

    Happy fatty Member

    Wednesday day 3 week 2

    B Fruit poached egg 1/2 piece of 50/50 2 syns
    ff yog banana kiwi

    1/2 grapefruit

    L quiche, baked potato and tomatoes

    d italian chicken -same as yesterday and pasta, broccoli

    crunchy nut cornflakes- 2 small handfuls 25g? 5 syns

    125 ml dry white wine with soda 4 syns

    tea and coffee 250ml hexa + 100ml extra = 2.5syns

    14,5 syns
    33.5out of 45 for the week
  11. Happy fatty

    Happy fatty Member

    Bit of a disaster- lots of crunchy nut cornflakes.
    Also leftover pasta & sw soup leek pot & smk bacon.
    Back on tomorrow.

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