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Big news from class.....you'll like this!


Stock is now FREE!!!

Stock cubes, Boullion powder, liquid stock (ready to use and concentrate)


So that's oxo cubes (and supermarket own brands), the Swiss Boullion, Knorr etc.


NOT gravy granules like Bisto though.

All that hunting for Vecon is over! YAY!

H x

ps: And I just phoned SW to confirm. Definitely free! They just changed it at the start of this week.
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Typical, i've just gone 25 mins to a tesco superstore to buy bovril in the jar lol I have loads of oxo cubes too! Good to know though!!!
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!!!!!!

Just tried to rep ya chick, but I need to spread it around a bit!
LOL! Rep some others then rep me again!!! :giggle:

Thought people would be happy with that!:D
How do you rep?


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They really should have a "newsflash" bit on their website for this I think! I've just looked under knorr and they are still listed as syns.

Not disbelieving you though Hellie, your word is true!! But I think SW should share this info a bit - we didn't get told last night so I would be interested to see if this lovely nugget of info is shared next week!!
I checked the website this morning but it hadn't changed, which is why I phoned them before posting. Wanted to make sure I wasn't giving out duff info.

They just said they'd not got round to updating the website yet!

My consultant found out through her magazine/newsletter thingy that she'd received this week.
Ha that's fab it was way too much hassle to try and syn a stock cube in a multi portion meal where every thing else was free!!:p


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Thanks for letting us know! :D I went to class this morning, but no mention of it... i think i'll bring it up next week if she doesn't. It's definitely worth knowing, as stock cubes add so much flavour to things that would be bland without :)

Thanks again! xxxx


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Yeay, best news I have had all morning....now when are they making chocolate free?! x x

haha i defo think that chocolate should become on of your 5 a day!!!:D x


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hi yes its great thanks hellie for the info wasnt mentioned on tue at my class either heres the list in case anyone wants to know which are free x

Aldi Stores
Quixo stock cubes (beef and chicken)

Stock cubes (beef and chicken)
Chilled chicken stock (300g pot)
Extra special beef stock & chicken stock (500g pouch)
Smartprice stock cubes (beef, chicken and vegetable)

Balance foods
Bouillon Concentrate, Organic (Country Farm Vegetables, Free Range Chicken & Prime Beef)

Beef Bovril, Chicken Bovril (jar)
Beef stock cubes

Just Bouillon Organic stock cubes (beef, chicken, vegetable)
Organic stock cubes (beef, chicken, French onion, mushroom, tomato & herb and vegetable)
Organic vegetable stock powder
Vegetable stock cubes, yeast free

Stock cubes (beef, chicken, fish, lamb)
Simply stock (beef, chicken, vegetable) 450ml pouch
Stock pot (beef, chicken, vegetable) 28g pot
Touch of taste, concentrated bouillon jar (beef, chicken, fish)
Vegetable stock cubes

Organic Instant Miso Bouillon Powder, dried
Organic Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Cubes (all varieties)
Organic Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder, Vegan, dried
Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder, dried (all varieties)

Marks & Spencer
Stock, jar (beef, chicken, vegetable)

Vegetable Stock Cubes, 12 pack

Oxo cubes (beef, chicken, lamb, original, vegetable)
Oxo Concentrated Liquid Stock (beef, chicken, lamb, vegetable)
Real Stock, (chicken, vegetable) ambient, 500ml carton

Stock cubes, all varieties
Stock tablets
Fresh stock, chicken, 300ml pot

Simply Value, Beef Stock Cubes

Stock cubes (beef, chicken, fish, vegetable)
Beef Stock, ambient, 600ml pouch
Finest stock (chicken, fish) 600ml pouch
Value stock cubes (beef, chicken, vegetable)

Vecon Concentrated Vegetable Stock, Gluten Free

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