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BIG realisations!


A moaning old boot!!!!
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I realised last night that I have been kidding myself about my weight for a long long time. I sat in bed last night and wrote and wrote and wrote about things that have happened in my life and I now realise where my mind changed towards food and when I began to comfort eat. This is a big thing for me and I have now realised what issues I have to deal with to stop me over eating in the future.

Also, I realised that before I stared this diet I was not a size 18 (Sometimes 20 if the shop cut the sizes small) like Iwas telling myself. I was more a 20/22 comfortably! I am NOW an 18 comfortably.

I feel very proud of myself for how far I have come and for what I am doing just now to improve my own health. I think this is the first time I have honestly done something for ME. GO ME!!!!! :superwoman:
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What a lovely message! This is only the beginning for you, have fun on your journey x


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I got a tear in my eye reading your message. Good on you girl. I know how you are feeling its as if somebody suddenly flips the light switch and you can see a brighter and slimmer future ahead of you . With such inspiration how can you possibly fail? Doing it for YOU is the best reason in the world to follow SW, and at the end when you look back you will see that it was you that put in all the effort and you alone that reaps the rewards. GO GIRL!!
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Thats really great hun. I think when you start to realise just how far you'v come and know where you are with it all and where it all went wrong is when you know youv got it sussed. I know for me, once i got to the point you are now, and i felt this way.. it all fell into place for me and although i still have my up and downs, i am focused and happy. . . doing it for yourself is the best thing to do, and a good support system will get you through.. i think youv done fab so far and will continue to do great



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You have come a long way. Now you will lose your weight and find contentment, well done!
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I am similar to you. I refused to wear anything bigger than a size 20, I had a stretchy pair of jeans that i lived in cos they just about fitted. though in reality I was a size 22 at my biggest (March this year). I joined SW in April and have lost 11.5lbs so far. And now my size 20 jeans are hanging off me!

Good luck to you on the rest of your journey


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