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Big thanks to everyone.....

Hey guys
Just want to say a big thanks for all the support i have had over the last month!! I dont think i can carry on with LT anymore, i am so bored with it. Just want to eat and i am thinking of doing Atkins!! Do ya think i can do a bit of both sort of have a LT shake for lunch and a low carb meal for tea? Anyone else done LT then gone on to atkins??
Dont know why i just cant stick it out as i have done a month already and lost 21lb, but read somewhere that you can lose a lot on atkins too but eat!! Guess its greedymay getting the better of me again!!
Sorry to go on guys, dont worry i will still be coming on here to check how evryone is!! xxx
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Good luck with whatever you choose to do,but looking at your weight loss you only have a few more weeks before you could re-feed for your holiday ;) you could lose another half stone. :D
Good luck with whatever you choose to do,but looking at your weight loss you only have a few more weeks before you could re-feed for your holiday ;) you could lose another half stone. :D

Thanks Kay
I know i only have a couple more wks but hoping if i do this then i will enjoy my hols more and eat without ppl knowing i am slimming!!

Thanks Fifi
I didnt realise that LL was like that. ooh will have to check it out!! Im gonna go for it i think!! xx


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Hun if you know it in your heart that it is right for you then do it! It doesn't matter what diet you do so long as you don't give up on getting to your target! It is not like you are giving up on losing weight!

Best of luck and enjoy the hols when they come. But you will always be a lippotrimmer at heart and better keep posting here!!!


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Ohhh May dont go!!!

youve only got 4 little weeks left until your holidays, just think thats over another stone you can loose!!

I know its difficult, but after week 4, the weeks flew by for me.. pls pls pls really think about it... th reason i havnt done atkins or somethin is cos i know soon as i start i wont stop eatin...

your doing so well i know u can u get to your holiday.....

Sara4, thanks love! x I am gonna keep going with dieting whichever way. I wont give up till i reach my goal!

I know its only 4 wks then i re feed anyway. But i seem to have lost it in my heart to do LT!! Whats wrong with me?? I might try mixing both for a wk and if i dont lose weight in a wk then i am gonna force myself to go back on LT for2 wks! I never thought about eating and not being able to stop! Dont worry i will still be around on this forum to see how every1 doin. xx Also need to know your results on 7th


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It's worth doing the re-feed to the letter first tho. It's all about filling the glycogen store in the correct way so you dont overload it. Good luck Minimay. I wish you all the luck in the world. :D


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:( ok May, i spose icant force u ha, as long as ur happy is all that matters... and ye make sure u pop on.. its tomorrow ha so i will let u know, to be honest dont think i am any more, seem to have gone back to normal, so might have been the virus i had that was makin me feel dodgy and the coincidence of what happened! but shall find out tomorrow never the less

Thanks Kay, will take a look at the refeed! x

Thanks Lauren, glad things have settled for you. Will be thinkin about ya tomorrow. Dont worry you cant kick me off this forum ;) will be checkin if ya been a good girl!! Or i can cartwheel down to town and pour salt and pepper over ya!! xx


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Lol im still waitin for u to come into town!! be good to stay in touch hun, i wana know how ur hol goes etc, and if clambering off the floor was any easier this time hehe



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Minimay Atkins will work with your shakes if you want to do bits of both...atkins works on ketosis aswell so aslong as you stick to protein based and full fat stuff like cream,cheese,butter etc(i totally don't get that bit???) you should stay in a state of ketosis x

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