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BigBums to LittleBums Diary

Hello Everyone, Well today is the start of the end of bigbum :D! I have spent so much of my life yo-yo dieting following everydiet under the sun, some much harder than others and I think I have found the solution, fingers crossed anyway.

I have signed up to the Go Lower diet for 16 weeks and I am feeling positive that this is the diet for me (I have paid for it all now so this will help give me the boost on the down days!), its all done for me so I don't have to think and everything is already in the right portion sizes. The meals all sound good and much fancier than anything I would ever cook for myself!!

Received my delivery today and dug straight into the (slightly on the small side in my opinion - may be why I am a few stone overweight ;)) breakfast clusters with some plain yogurt and some blueberries (37p from asda, thats what I call a bargain!!), I have to say they were lovely and surprisingly filling.

I'm going to have Pea & Ham soup for lunch and the chicken, leeks and cream for dinner with some broccoli.

Start date 27th January
Start Weight 193lbs

Fingers and Toes crossed!! Xx
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haha the bums joke is funny! hope all goes well its one of those dilivery diet packs thats a nice idea. hope all goes well.
Hi Georgiestar, thanks, I think some light comedy is needed, hopefully it will get me through this. I love the idea of having everything done for me (probably how I ended up like this after years of thinking delivery chinese & indian is just someone doing it all for me :D!!).

Anyway the rest of my super positive start yesterday went well. I had pea & soup for lunch and it was ok, I've never really been a fan of pea & ham soup but it was nicer than I remember. I then had a coconut nut bar for the 3 o'clock slump (not quite the bag of chocolate buttons I'm used to but hay-ho) and chicken, leeks and cream with boiled broccoli fried in butter and garlic for dinner. I had to add some salt and pepper to the chicken for my own taste but I was really impresses. I had the feeling that it was going to be like a frozen ready meal with fake chicken but it totally wasn't, the chicken was a good chunk and really was good.

Now for the down point, my god I had terrible guts last night, thankfully the bf was out with friends because I could not stop farting, sorry if too much info for some people but I was shocked. I have called Go Lower this morning and they have explained it is from the high fibre from the breakfast and the nut bar and some probiotic yogurt or tablets will help settle it as my body adjusts.

I've started today with the breakfast cereal with yogurt and blueberries again, I love it!! Another member says she has hers with single cream which sounds amazing! How can I be on a diet and allowed cream? Its like I'm in heaven, just waiting to start seeing the results, not going to weigh myself until I have done my first week. Xx
I have just had the mushroom soup with half a packet of smokey bacon crunch and I am officially stuffed!! The soup was quite nice and the smokey bacon crunch were like massive quavers with a lot of flavour, could only manage half the packet so got the rest for later. Staying away from the nut bars today since me and the bf are spending the night together, don't think he would appreciate it. Xx
Go Lower Ketosis

Ok, I am officially going into / am in ketosis :D. I have been suffering all morning with a lingering headache. I have just spoke to a lovely lady at Go Lower Customer Service and she says this is one of the signs of ketosis along with the slight nausea I am feeling :( and it should pass. I'm going to have my lunch early and see if this will help. I've got broccoli and a blue cheese soup today. Xx
Good luck :) The diet sounds interesting!!! x
Hey cuddlepaws, so far it really is good, I am just finishing day 3 so time will tell if I stay so positive, I normally lose interest quite quickly with these things. Main difference this time is all my food is prepared all ready and it really is food and meals way better than I could ever rustle up myself.

Today has been a bit trying, I have had quite a headache all day and a slight feeling of sickness. I've just finished my dinner of chicken fricassee with asparagus and baby corn and a cup of peppermint tea and I feel enormously better, I'm going to go and have a nice hot bath, get the pj's on and curl up for the evening and hopefully the headache will be gone by tomorrow. Xx
Woo Hoo, feeling so much better today, no headache, no sickness feeling and I no hunger!! Ketosis, here I am, get burning that fat!
I ended up going straight to bed last night after a bath and I slept right through until half 7 this morn. I feel like I have a bit more energy today so going to go for a walk later on this evening.
I have just had the breakfast clusters with single cream and strawberries, so good even if it is a little rich for this time in the morning. As I get further into the go lower programme I am going to occasionally have scrambled eggs for breakfast and have the breakfast with cream and berries for a pudding. Can't wait! Its something I really miss is having a little (ha ha, yeah right, because little puddings give you an ass like this!) pudding.
Going to have the broccoli & blue cheese soup again today, love it but boy does it honk a bit. I havn't decided on dinner yet, going to decide later on. Xx
Thanks, I'm going to need a bit of luck for tonight. Still in detox stage so no pink wine for me tonight.
I chose the chicken chasseur for dinner so it was almost like having a little drink. Think the first weekend is going to be a bit of a struggle but I have made lots of plans to keep me busy and away from the cookie jar!! Xx
I survived the weekend!! Woop woop. Only thing I did bad is I had my end of week chocolate creme bar treat yesterday - it was screaming at me to get eaten with a cup of decaf tea.
Its the big weigh in tomorrow, very excited, I almost feel a bit less fat, fingers crossed anyway. I need to call Go Lower today and let them know my preferences for the next boxes, I much prefere the bacon crunch to the coconut nut bars so hopefully this be ok. Xx
:bliss: Yeha!! I have lost 6lbs in my first week. Actually going to be cheesing it all day, can't believe it!
Going to celebrate tonight and have my chocolate brazils. I've got pea & ham soup for lunch today and a chicken drumstick and chilli beef for tea.
Can't wait for next weeks weigh in now, I can totally do this!! Xx
Thats for sure F.A.R, I've spent so long being scared of the scales that it is defiantly making a lovely change, they still are not my friends but one day soon they will be! Woo Hoo.
I had a two egg omellet with bacon for my breakfast today for a bit of variety. Got mushroom soup for my lunch and going to have chicken chasseur for tea with celeriac chips. I've tried celeriac mash and it was very close to proper mash so fingers crossed. Think I will try sprinkling them with paprika to make them a bit more punchy. Xx
Oh dear oh dear, celeriac chips were a bit of disaster, they came out all soggy and not very good. I have done some googling and I think I should have slightly par-boiled and then cooked in oven under a low heat for a longer time to help dry them out. Never mind, I will try again.
I had the munchies again last night but managed to just go to bed early and woke up this morning feeling great. I've been lacking in energy slightly but feeling almost back to my normal self. I spoke to Go Lower support about it and they explained that as your body transitions from using free energy from carbohydrates to getting its energy from protein you can feel tired but it will pass, they were right!!
I'm away to London this weekend so going to have a look around the shops and plan what I am going to buy once I have lost my first stone. Woo Hoo, hopefully will be there is another 2.5 weeks if everything goes to plan. I am going to have bacon & eggs for my breakfast on sat morning in the hotel, I'm a bit nervous for lunch but thinking I will just grab a pack of cooked chicken legs and have a couple and Go Lower support have advised I go for a steak and green veg for dinner...I'm in heaven!! Xx
Celeriac chips, sounds interesting. Will have to try that once I've started or maybe before. Well done for resisting the munches, I can imagine how you felt when you woke up (having conquered your cravings). Hope you'll be full of energy soon.

Have fun in London on the weekend window shopping. You'll reach that stone in no time. Received my sample pack today so will try it and let you know how I found it. Ordered it yesterday and it was delivered today at 8am. Thats what I call fast delivery service.

Hope you have a fab day today and thanks again for the info on go lower
Hey, Have you given the sample a try? What did you get?

I've woke up this morning and I definately feel less bloated, my muffin top seems to be smaller, I've resisted the urge to jump on the scales though, got to keep to just one weigh in a week, I get totally addicted otherwise. I remember years ago weighing myself in the morning and then again at night time and in one day I put on 5lbs, I had eaten lunch out and dinner and pudding and drank a lot - it was a bad day!!

I've taken my measurements as well so going to check them on Tuesday too. Xx
Hiya, the samples I got was nut clusters, pea soup, chicken & leek in cream sauce, beef chilli, choco bralizian nuts, coconut nut bar and chocolate nut bar. Enjoyed every except the choc nut bar. Havent had the chicken & leek yet, going to have it tonight.

I must say that I really impress with the food on Go Lower. Hopefully I will start it in a weeks time. Already did the consultation already so when I call back all I need to do is pay. I will be on the 16 weeks programme and I cant wait to start.

I had that problem to (I was a scale addict). Only when I started WW in dec I cut down to hopping on the scales to twice a week (used to do it every day).

Thats a good idea to check your measurements weekly cause sometimes when the scales say you did not lose anything, you lose inches which is great.

Do you have to drink alot of water or is it just the normal 1.5 - 2 ltrs a day? Hope you day is going well.

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