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Bigfatmess to um slighlythinnermess.

So today is the day that I start on my journey to becoming a thinner happier version of me. I don't expect losing weight to revolutionise my life but since in many areas of life I seem to have things sorted it'd be nice to see if being slim enhances my life and gets rid of those residual feelings of not being good enough because I'm fat.

So anyway, enough moaning, more doing. I start today. This morning. I'll get back to you how it goes...
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Hey, me too, just started a new diary also, good luck on your journey chick x
Love ur diary name! Good luck with your s&s journey xxx

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So I've started, I had a chocolate truffa bar for breakfast and a pint of water, the novelty is still strong! I really enjoyed the bar and the chewy texture made it easier to make it last longer and seem more filling. Soup for lunch I think.
Thanks, I've just had a Thai soup for lunch, seasoned heavily with black pepper, it actually tasted nice, like proper food. I'm not sure what I expected but so far Slim & Save is pleasantly surprising me from all corners. I'm struggling to decide whether I should do the three a day plan and have chicken and veg or the four a day plan to cut out any possibility of cheating and coming out of ketosis (once I get in). Can you mix and match?
The Thai soup is lush Mmmmm

You can mix and match I never know which it will be, just see how the day goes or if I'm going out etc

No need to commit to 3 or 4!

Great, not sure what to have tonight, think chilli with a milkshake for pudding. Then to bed. Because this is my pig out time.


soon to be minnie mouse
Welcome and congratulations. You got through day one.
Onward and downwards from now, can't wait to see the results x x
So I had spicy spaghetti, it was really really nice, ok so it wasn't 250g of ground beef with tinned toms, garlic, chilli, peppers, onions etc and half a panful of pasta. But it was nice all the same, I took it slowly, eating wee mouse bites and actually felt filled at the end. As I had only had three packs I then made myself a pudding with the crispy milk chocolate milkshake, adding just enough water to make it gooey and sludgy and sticking it in the micro for 10 seconds, resulting in a sickly sweet treat that has left me feeling as sick as scoffing a bar of chocolate. Result! All washed down with a can of coke Zero which was surprisingly alright as well. S off I go to bed are my first full day as a slim & saver. But not before I get my husband to take a photo of me at the fattest I'll ever be.
Hey! Glad you had a good first day, the food is pretty good isn't it! Does make it that much easier when you don't have to hold your nose to down a shake!

Downwards and downwards BFM :D
Day 2, feel headachy and tired but that could be because my delicious 2 year old still hasn't gotten the hang of sleeping through the night and then got up at 5.40am. So I'm going to start with a bar this morning again, lemon and White chocolate I think, I have a bit of a test today, taking the kids to the park with a friend and she has suggested a picnic, I'm gonna have to be pretty strong to just get through it with my bottle of water but I know I can do it!
Your doing well, headaches are common thing in the first few days, hope you have lovely weather for your picnic, keep strong x
I made it through the picnic! Came home and had chicken soup with chilli powder and black pepper. Was lush.


soon to be minnie mouse
Well done for resisting temptation. You'll feel better for it on weigh-in day x x
Quick question to anyone reading, what's the deal with salad? Can I eat that? Or is it a no no?
If you want veg have what's on the list if you don't then you don't have to

It's entirely optional! Xx


soon to be minnie mouse
Just go on the s&s info page the list of salad ingredients allowed is on there. I've got it printed so I can carry it with me the supermarket x x