Biggest Loser Bars


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Does anyone know how these compare to Exante bars.

I forgot to lift shakes for work tonight so have just been drinking coffee all night, probably wont sleep in the morning now lol.

When I was in Asda at my break I saw the BL bars... I was wondering how these compare to Exante bars, would they do in an emergency...
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i emailed Exante bout the same thing, they said check the nutritional value of both bars and see how they compare


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Don't know about the biggest loser bars, but have used Atkins bars in an emergency and been fine. The ones which look like cereal bars are lowest carb, and the endulge? Choc one works also. Good luck x


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Just had a look on web and can't see nutrition guide for BL bars- sorry. If they are less than 200cal and less than 20g carbs they should be ok. X


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Here is what I have managed to find, hope it helps :)

Biggest Loser Double Choc Meal Replacement Bar – per 55g bar Energy 210.7 cal
879.5 kJ
Total Fat 6.3g - Saturated Fat 3.7g Sodium 108.9mg Total Carbohydrates 19.0g - Dietary Fibre 5.9g - Sugars 4.2g Protein 16.3g Potassium 199.7mg Iron 3.1mg Calcium 399.9mg Zinc 3.1mg Vitamin A 189.8mg Vitamin C 10.1mg Phosphorus 360.3mg Magnesium 80.9mg Thiamin 0.3mg Riboflavin 0.4mg Niacin 2.5mg Folate 51.0μg

Exante: Per 59g Bar Toffee, nut & Raisin.

Energy/KJ / = 898
Calories: = 215
Protein: = 18.7g
Carbohydrate: = 23.0g
of which sugars: = 15.3g
Fibre: = 5.3g
Sodium: = 140mg
Potassium: = 503mg
Calcium: = 272g
Magnesium: =105g
Phosphorus: = 433mg
Chloride: = 237mg

I got this from the PDF on the exante site, though on there it says these values are per 59g bar, looking at my bar here at home that has NO info on (?!) it is a 60g bar.

You would think by email they could at least give you info of their products?!

I never noticed before there was no info on the actual bar packaging and on the PDF they have the breakdown for a 59g bar (the ones they send are 60g) as per bar but also next to it they have "per day" with totally different values, I wonder if thats when all products consumed?!

Hmmmm this stuff makes me nervous lol


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Not much help to you now, but it might be useful if we had a sticky where we had scanned images of the nutrition info from each of the Exante packs? Then at least we could compare quickly through here if needed?


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I know the herbalife ones are really nice and are very similar but you cant buy them in the shops unfortunately.