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Biggest Loser - Final! Just started on ITV!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
I know! Didn't they look great?! :)

They all looked amazing expecially paddy. I'm not suprised will won but wowee claire was the best result to me. Shed lost nearly all her belly. Is it me tho or do the Americans always seem to lose so much more weight? What do they do differently. They must do it for longer coz when most of them come out they are skinny!! And prob below there goal weight
Halebob said:
They prob have personal trainers when they go home knowing the Americans
No because a lot if them still struggle when they get home. I think the US ones seem far more focused than the UK ones. The US ones rarely give in to any if the temptations for example and their challenges seem a lot harder.

I was amazed that sine if the contestants last night only lost 2/3 stones. The US ones losses are massive by comparison
I read an interview with one of the contestants from the American one. She said that what we see as a week can often be filmed over 2 and also their trainers encourage them to 'dehydrate' for at least 24 hours before weigh in (i.e. no food or water).

I'd like to think the english contestants don't lose as much becasue they're not being made to do thing like that!

Although got to say was really suprised at Rob only losing 1lb since leaving the house!
I saw that too but I'm not sure how much of it I believe. Of all the dozens upon dozens of contestants there have been over the years it seems odd no one has reported this before and noone seems to be backing her allegation.

Bob and Jillian are at the absolute top of their profession I'd be surprised if they'd risk their reputation and very lucrative sidelines for the sake of a competition

The fact they're so well known and passionate about healthy eating and fitness makes me think that if this was true someone would have taken great delight in exposing them by now. Have you seen how angry they get if they suspect someone of cheating??

The US version might spread an episode over a 10/14 day period but the overall time scale if the series from start to finale is pretty much identical
I haven't watched this religiously but I saw last night and cried as they all looked great.

What an achievement esp the bloke that won and the young Irish lad. When the man said his wife was the rock on which he the lighthouse stood I sobbed, it was beautiful - I'm such a drip!
Clareel said:
Although got to say was really suprised at Rob only losing 1lb since leaving the house!
Me too. I thought he was sure to win the runner up prize. He seemed so dedicated and focused on the show. One of the strongest

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