Biggest Loser Inspiration : It's Only A Number!!


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It's Only a Number
Expert Advice: Don't let the scale derail you.
At The Biggest Loser Club, information is strength. You can get valuable experiential advice from other members and professional advice from our team of experts. Here's a good example of one member who asked how to cope with weigh-in frustrations and the response from fitness expert Michael Scholtz.
A Biggest Loser Club member asks:
I am a little frustrated. Since dumping the old scale, my weight has seemed to fluctuate up and down the past few days. I know I need to be patient, but I was making such great progress and then I had to start all over again
Fitness expert Michael Scholtz responds:
Remember, changing scales doesn't change your weight, it just changes the number at which the machine registers your weight.
This is an important moment. The frustration with the numbers you're seeing is real and understandable when you're working hard. If the numbers and the illusion of starting over make you lose focus on all the things you're doing right, then you risk letting this situation cause you to give up what you have accomplished so far.
What is more important, the way you feel about what you've done or what the scale has to say about it?
It's an important question!
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