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Biggest Loser UK

I heard someone on here say they had applied, but you would have thought they would be showing it by now.

Mind you the measley way the UK ones are filmed compared to the US and Aus is a bit of a joke, but still I want to see it!!!
I seem to remember that it didn't start until the end of April/beginning of May last year (I remember I came home and watched it after my work placement) so if there is one I'd assume it would be starting any time during the next couple of months.
The UK one always seems like the poor relation. The losses never seem as good as the US ones. The trainers dont have great personalities and the money is a fraction of the US/AUS ones. I think last year the contestants started some time in January
You are so right about that. I think it goes, US, Aus and than UK for quality. I mean I love Angie (UK Trainer) but she's not a patch on Jillian. Jillian is the ultimate trainer (followed closely by Bob)
I'm addicted to the biggest loser especially the Australian one, seing the results and the sense of achievement in the contestants is fab, and it gets me really motivated to excersise myself. I actually haven't seen a UK version yet and would love to so, I'll wikipedia it and see what ones they have done so far. xx
The Aussie one is grating on me a little ... all the 'something that will turn the game on its head' business every week is a little annoying, and how many lifelines do certain contestants get??? grrrrr lol


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I contacted 'Shine' - the company that make the show and they said it hadn't been recommissioned in the UK. Maybe some0one else is making it. Mind you, I was desperate to get on the show and scoured the internet for info, but didn't find any adverts for contestants.

Anyway, the US one is still the best. I know a lot of it is 'staged' but the weight losses are still absolutely awesome. The UK one isn't as good, but it's still amazing the change in people. I agree that I can't stand Angie though - I would LOVE it if Bob and Jillian came over the UK like they did for the Australian series. How awesome would that be?!


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Oh, also, you can watch all the series online here. It's all free and legal! RealityTVFan.org


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I've never seen the UK version, didn't actually know there was one!
I love the Australian one and it's amazing how much weight they lose.
Would love to see the UK version though, not sure how it would compare!

Not sure I could ever go on the show, it's so hardcore!

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