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  1. Biggie

    Biggie Silver Member

    Hello everyone :wavey:

    Some of you may remember me. I lost 5 st in 2011, maintained for some time, then went straight back to my bad eating habits and guess what? Yes, I put it back on. After that I tried Exante again, lost a little, stopped, put back on, then another start, stop, lost, put back on...

    I don't look good. I'm 18.11st (253.6lbs), 5.5ft And I don't feel good.
    Where is my strong will? No idea.

    Today is my day 1 of the 4th attempt to get to my goal, which for now is 165lbs.
    I'll need your friendly support to keep me going, please.

    Have a good day everyone! :)
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  3. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hello Biggie!!
    Welcome back! I am new here too! It is my first attempt to lose weight with the help of this forum) I wish you good luck and be strong and motivated;-) May the force be with you! you can always get my support any time! let's make friends and help each other;-) have a good day and good start of new life!
  4. Thornhill Cate

    Thornhill Cate 50+ and fabulous

    My heart goes out to you. I lost 3st 5lbs in 2011 on LT and put it all back on again, plus another 1st 1lb. Have been doing Exante now since 28th April so just finished week 6. Like you, tried to start again several times but just couldn't find the same motivation I had in 2011. But this time it's going fine. I've never lasted this long on a re-start before and I'm still feeling motivated and determined to get to goal this time - well, most of the time. ;) Good luck with your re-start. Are you going to start a diary?
  5. Calabria

    Calabria Full Member

    Hi Biggie!

    Day one for me too yesterday, let's do it together! I've started a diary over in the other section, I'm hoping that when I'm having a low day I can look back over the days when I've felt positive and strong willed in the hopes it will spur me on. Might be worth doing?

    Hope day two goes well x
  6. Biggie

    Biggie Silver Member

    Thank you ladies for your nice words and support. :) I'm not sure about the diary yet. Maybe I'll ask to move this thread the the diaries section.
    As for day 1 - yesterday, it went not too bad. Today - day 2, I've been good so far and would like to stay that way.

    I don't understand why this time is so hard for me. It's been just constant struggling. But the sunny weather helps I think.
    Also, seeing myself in the shop window on the way back home from work..... I look awful. Seriously.
    So yea, I'm drinking more water at the moment and try to survive next day :)
    Hope you all are going well guys!
    Let's do this together! :character00148:
  7. Biggie

    Biggie Silver Member

    Today is my WI-1 and I lost 7lbs. Well, I am a little disappointed. I was hoping for something more like 10.
    But then, 7lbs down is better than 1lbs up, isn't it? :)
  8. Dave167

    Dave167 Full Member

    Well done Biggie,

    I think we all look for these high numbers for our weight loss but 7Lbs is a good loss eitherway, ive just restarted my journey after putting all my weight back on and will be looking for a good first weeks loss, I originally lost 15lbs my first week last time but dont think i will get that good a loss this time.

    Good luck to you for next week.
  9. Calabria

    Calabria Full Member

    Well done Biggie! You're right, we get so hooked in to wanting the big numbers that we can overlook the achievement of any loss. 7lbs is brilliant and you should be very proud! xx
  10. Biggie

    Biggie Silver Member

    Thank you guys :)
    Good luck everyone!

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