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Bimbie Finn

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Doing really well at the mo so going to try and keep to date with a food diary :)

Tuesday 9th Dec 08
Red Day

B:~ Coffee With Sweetner - Horrid!
Apple - Free

Snk:~ 1 Alpen Light Choc and Orange Bar (1/2 heb)
Tea - 2 Sugars
Banana - Free
1 Alpen Light Choc and Orange Bar (1/2 heb)

D:~ Tuna Salad - Free
Baked Potato (1 heb)
Shape Cherry Yogurt - Free

Snk:~ 1 Banana - Free
Cup Of Coffee - 2 Sugars

Tea:~ Gammon - Free
Swede and Carrott Mash with Extra Light Laughing Cow - 1 Syn Each

Total Syns:~ 5

Wednesday 10th Dec 2008
Green Day
B:~ Coffee - 2 Sugars

D:~ Pasta n Sauce Bolognese Flavour - Free
With 56g Mature Cheese (1 hea and 1 heb)
Pepsi Max - Free

Snks:~ 2 Quorn Picnic Eggs - 2 Syns
2 Alpen Light Choc and Orange Bars (1 heb)

T:~ Roast Potatoes with Fry Light
Peas - Free
Quorn Cottage Pie - 3 Syns

Total Syns:~ 9

Thursday 11th Dec 08
Green Day

B:~ 84g No Added Sugar Alpen (2 x HEB + 5 Syns)
Cup Of Coffee - 2 Sugars

Snk:~ 2 Packets Of Sweet n Sour Mug Shots - Free

D:~ Uncle Bens Mushroom Rice - 2 Syns
WW Bolognese Shells - 5 Syns

T:~ Hoping To Have Syn Free Chips, Beans and Egg

Total Syns:~ 14

Feeling really good and healthy! :party0011::party0011:
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Looking Good!!!

Bimbie Finn

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Thanks Mrs V.

Friday 12th Dec 2008
Green Day

Starting with a cold :(
B:~ Coffee - 2 Sugars

Snks:~ 3 Clentimes and Robisons NAS Apple & Blackcurrant Drink With Hot Water

D:~ Syn Free Chips, Beans And Eggs

T:~ Cheese and Potato Bake With Beans
(84g Mozerrella Light Cheese 2 x heb)
2 Sugars - 2 Syns
Packet Of Sugar Free Cherry Tunes - 4.5 syns
6g Miniture Bournville - 1.5 Syns
Total Syns:~ 8


taking one day at a time
S: 11st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 26 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
brill menu looking good x