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Binge (But not so bad)


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Had such a bad day, I have just been so miserable all day, snapping at my mum and boyfriend, i feel awful and guilty.
Not eat much all day either, this all usually ends up in a binge, and in true fashion it has.
My little background for those of you who dont know: My step dad got murdered in June, and the Trial is coming up, I also sometimes suffer with SAD (season affective disorder) - The trial is affecting my mum who seems to be acting up, and i think all of it together has just maybe got on top of me.

The "good" news is: When i used to binge, it was bread, chocolate, alcohol, puddings, pizza etc and feeling SICK at the end. This binge consisted of a big bowl of chicken and veg in fajita spices (fajita spices probably not allowed), 2 x packet of fridge raiders, non fat yogurt and sugar free jelly. I feel like i dont need to binge on those fattening foods, having a pig out isnt great but this one wasnt as bad as it used to be.

So im sat here full , but feeling "ok" - just feel like i have had a big meal. The main thing i feel guilty about is my mood today.

Im going to relax on the sofa, watching some good TV (and maybe the x-factor) - hope everyone else is doing ok, and i will let you know if this pig out has affected week 6 weigh in.
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Oh love! First let me say how sorry I am to hear about your step dad. How very sad :( Death is always horrible but when it's in tragic circumstances like your step dad's, it's worse :( ((((hugs )))) to you and your family.
As for your binge, try not to stress about it to much. Like you said, it's nowhere near as bad as your binges used to be, so well done for that!! :D I know where you're coming from, it's the feelings of loosing control that's just as bad as the binge, isn't it? But think what advice you'd give to one of us Dukaners if we had written your post?! That my help you cope with it better. And if you have gained, it'll only be fluid not fat so will be off again straight away if you keep on track like you are. Take care luv xx
Jackie xx
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Oh SkinnyMinnie, am not on to give advice about the binge as I've been doing the same *for 10 days* so I can't preach! I'm on to just offer my deepest sympathies to you and your family, what an awful thing to have happen, the world can be so cruel sometimes x
Skinny anyone with half the worries and upset you have now would do the same - I so admire you love for dieting while you are going through something so traumatic. I cannot imagine what you and your family must be going through - remember to take care of yourself xxx
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Ditto chris , try not to dwell on it as you said it could have been a worse binge. I know I would have reached for the chocci biscuits, cake etc big hugs to you xx


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well done Charlotte, despite dealing with huge issues in your life you are managing to stay in control.Yes you overate but on Dukan food so not a true binge in the sense of the word. Being in control as you are will help you deal with whatever life throws at you. Huge admiration for you. Keep going.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your step-dad Charlotte. You and your family are in a horrific situation and I greatly admire your fortitude in being able to do this - well done, you should feel very, very proud of yourself. As a binger myself I know the guilt and feelings of being useless afterwards can be terrible, however I think you should clap yourself on the back for binging on weight-loss friendly food. My thoughts are with you and your Mum and family x

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