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Why Be Normal?
Hi Herts -- Do you do anything crafty? Can you knit, sew, scrapbook, etc. I tend to mix it up - a little mending, cleaning, tele watching, scrapbooking, etc. (I have been shopping on line -- I want to find some boots.)

Yes i do try to do other things. I tried cross stitch. I look up alot of things on line for dvds as i collect them as i love my series dvds. I just have no idea what else to lol. I am trying to think of lots of things but i cant think lol


Why Be Normal?
Hi Herts -- What do you watch?

I am thinking of having a hot cup of bullion -- as I am feeling very hungry right now. I some low salt, so it should be okay.

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Why Be Normal?
Okay -- I had the low sodium bullion and feel much better now (left over LL product).

However, I better go to bed -- not only do I have busy day tomorrow

-- I just bought 3 pairs of boots on-line! Oh MY!!! They were on sale... two different ankle boots and different colours, and my brown knee boots need to be repaired and might not be worth fixing. They will be my Valentines Day Gift as we won't be going out to eat.

This is out of character... I better watch it. I might be substituting Shopping for Food!

I always used to binge eat when i get stressed or really upset and now i have stress again and all i want to do is eat and eat. Any ideas what else i can do instead???? Reading makes me want food lol
i guess we are all different and we all need to find our stress relief away from food. it works sometimes but not all. mine is exercise.
Get out and about, surround yourself with people and fresh air xx


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Professor Layton has been my saviour :p I love my consoles anyways but they have been put into overdrive recently! Particularly the ds I'm knackered or the wii if I feel more energetic. I'm so busy focussing on the game the hours fly past! And because I've got the controller in my hand I'm not able to grab any food lol!


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Stay on here, read all the success stories and keep in mind what you want!

Or vent your stresses on a friend - or on here.

hi yea i am trying to find lots of things to do. i drove my mum to london today for an appointment but whole time was going past mc donalds kfc and cafe's and i so wanted to go in. just had to be strong and i was but i went tesco to get my baby some milk and brought 2 lots of chicken breast pieces to cook but i put them in the fridge and havent touched them i am hoping i wont. i think my big thing is when i did lighterlife i was losing a steady 2lb a day really and i have been on this 2 weeks nearly and havent lost anything this week but i have been really good.
If nothing else is working, try learning music or an instrument perhaps? I find that 2 or 3 hours in the evening just disappear 'cos my brain and hands are so active! :)

well i am a bit more encouraged today as i had a weigh in and i have lost 6lb this week. and 3 inches. i am so happy with that. long may it continue.

YEAH!!! And, although every week it may not be as much... it will go. and, you will feel better and better as it does. And, you will go out and see films and do whatever you please (as long as it is legal -- mind you).

I am very happy for you. You inspire me.

thanks minnieme. everyone on here who is doing so well inspire me. i cant believe that it was so good really. hoping for bigger loss next week as i am retaining water at present due to that horrible womans time. i always put 7lb on a week before. i am so tired this time though. last time had mass's of energy this time i have none. also i have a terrible temper at present which seems to be a side effect. trying new soups and bars this week.

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