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Binge Eating


One day at a time :)
I used to be a crazy binge eater!

The only thing that broke it for me after years of being aware of it and trying to stop was exercise. I find that going out to exercise distracts me enough and takes up enough time that I am too busy to sit and eat like that.
Exercise also releases feel good chemicals that feels much like how you feel at the start of a binge (the soothing feeling not the ripping guilt!) but lasts much longer.

Honestly, I tried everything - the tips from articles - everything. Nothing worked until I found exercise and I can gladly say that I have been binge free for a whole month!

Everyone is different and what worked for me might not work for you but good luck with it whatever you try. Bingeing is a hellish vicious circle that is so hard to break free from xxx
hi shelz:)
the most important thing for me to help with binging(especially late at night),has been to be really focused on what i buy at the supermarket.
if i dont have the rubbish foods in the house i cant binge on them!
binging now for me is happening less and less,and when i feel the urge and do give in,low cal jellies,ice lollies and fat free yogs and fruit,do far less damage to the old waistline,and i find i cant physically eat as much of them as i can with chocolate,crisps etc...
thats what seems to work for me.
hope it helps.:)
Thanks for the input guys. I think I am going to fill the cravings with doing other things - for example reading or having a hot squash drink. I am going to do this and get over it. =)
Not having the bad food in the house helps. It obviously can't stop you if you're determined to get something bad to eat, but at least buys you time to think through why you might want to binge.

I usually try to drink water as a first standby, or eat a piece of fruit if that fails. Finding something useful to do, even if it's just reading, also helps take your mind away.
I agree with Tim13 on the water suggestion. I usually aim to drink 2 litres of water a day. This makes me feel full up and I have not touched a chocolate bar in 5 weeks :D If you don't like water add a bit of sugar free diluting juice :rolleyes:
Binge eating involves more than just eating a lot. To solve this problem find out new extracurricular activity or hobby. Finding a way to express feelings, such as through music, art, dance, or writing, also can help someone deal with difficult emotions in a healthy way. Doctors, counselors, and nutrition experts often work together to help those with eating disorders manage their eating, weight, and feelings. Certain family members can also support to solve this problem. They also can help design an eating plan that's specially designed for someone's needs and help the person stick with it and make progress. Psychologists and other therapists can help people learn healthy ways of coping with emotions, thoughts, stress, and other things that might contribute to someone's eating problem.

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