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Binge urge

S: 15st9lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st1lb(19.63%)
Good job my head is in the right place. I am currently in a I WANT TO BINGE ON BAD FOOD MOOD.

I always have bad things at my desk and they stay there for a while as I scoff my heart out on fruit usually.

It's my bosses birthday tomorrow and I went to M&S looking for a birthday cake. I think looking at all the yummy food made me want to scoff.

I decided that I'd opt for my lower syned offerings and scoffed two chocolate snack a jacks (6 syns), a pack of Squares (5 Syns), some marinated prawns from M&S (1 Syn) and am having a Jazzy Ginger hot chocolate options (1.5).

I feel guilty but there is no need as I am under the 15 syns.

I am so used to feeling guilty after a binge.

Anyone else get that? Even though its a good binge? x
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Last time I went on a binge it lasted a week and I put on 4 lbs! Disaster!

But mini binges are also a way of life for me too and I always feel guilty. But I just have to focus on my tracker and hope that at the end of the week the numbers add up!


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Whener i got the urge to binge, i just did it, but on free food and NEVER had to feel guilty

Looks like you just did exactly that- you controlled yourself and still satisfied your head- just brilliant, mate. Massive gold star to you

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Hi Gemma C, when I was doing slimming world last year, I used to stay away from my syns completely, because I didn't think that I could just have a little bit. So when I did binge (or have syns), I always felt bad about it, which lead to a drop in mood, and 'more bad eating'. Before I knew it, the plan had completely gone out of the window for that week.

this time around on the plan, I am being more sensible with my syns. If I fancy something, i'll have it, but syn it, and knowing that I have kept under 15 syns, makes me feel really good, for the fact that I can still have treats and lose weight as well, which is the best thing about slimming world.

Don't feel guilty Gemma C, if your under the 15 syns, be happy and enjoy your treats twice as much :) x


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But it's not really a binge is it? You have been controlled and had under your daily syns allowance, you recognised that you needed a treat but reacted to it in a calm collected way and thought it through before you indulged. That sounds brilliant to me, and not a binge at all because you are in control.

Hope you enjoyed every mouthful!!

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