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ah hun we all do it, its so hard :( I wont even say what i have sat down to eat a few times, ud prob be sick with the amount i ate one night lol... just start back tomorrow morn hun xx


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No effect on scale this morning, I guess me eating 400 more calories a day equated to me calling it a binge on raisins. Just glad I stuck with the exercise last night and didnt give up.

After that I think I will settle for a STS this week. If it does occur I know there is a reason good enough for it.

I've learnt my lesson, now I will proceed along my road to success!


A little of everything!
400 extra calories will NOT make a button of difference to your scales (not unless it was a sodium packed snack and you retain fluid!)
Lil miss sunshine- she are 400 'extra' calories, not 400cals total. You have a point though. Cravings/binges are usually triggered by under-eating unless they're emotionally triggered.


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I had a craving for sweet things all day. Tried flvoured water, minty gum and hot orange squash to eliminate it. Nothing worked so I had the extra calories. I thought I would have retained fluid, doesnt look like I did.
Shelz, don't worry about the binge, as long as you stay on the straight and narrow...sometime a little of what we fancy does us good...don't be too hard on yourself.

Shelz i know how u feel. I had 4 curly wurly chocolate bars tonight. i only 'bugetted' in my calorie intake for one. I feel so guilty, sick and my stomach kills me. So ill be exercising tonight even more then usual, as I have weigh day tomorrow!


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I know why it is. Fiance is at work, on nights. I get bored. I get nagged at a stupid amount by my parents to constantly do things and it just makes me feel better to eat those slightly sweeter things. I am going to have to find a different approach to this before I move out of home!

Official weigh in is Monday, I'm not expecting to loose anything this week. I shall be taking a look tomorrow to see what happens.
I think out of everything in my flat i could have picked to binge on, why i chose the curly wurlys ill never know. I have tons of fruit but nope i picked them.
ive drunk 4 litres of water today, and nothing has passed my lips food wise since the binge. Im going to do one more workout and then go to bed.


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On top of my hour and 20 workout DVD today - which I absolutely gave my all I have played on the wii for just over half an hour. I cut my coffees out today, halved my salad for lunch, didnt eat any mints - so I am hoping I will have balanced.
ive done an hours Biggest Loser DVD this morning, and will do it again. Ive had my usual salad, fruit and i have my cereal from a babys bowl now, as that holds exactley 40g of cereal and milk which has the calorie content on the side of the packet.
rugbykirsty87, I used to SW (years ago) and a good way of eating curly wurly's is put them in the freezer - they last longer so you feel you've eaten more and its some how more of a treat!! I ate loads that way!

Shelz - what a lot of exercise you've done. I'm sure at weigh-in you'll be fine. So pleased that with Go Lower you don't need to exercise - no idea how I'd fit it in!

Good luck
I had bit of a binge tonight. Half a 500g packet of raisins. =( I feel absolutely awful and so so guilty for it now! Grrrrr, why did I do it!

You are so slim already Shelz; how come you are wanting to lose more? Don't lose too much :( xx
Shelz, I agree with Instant Karma. I hadn't noticed how much you had lost. You're already there.. Be careful not to take it to the extreme. Enjoy life too. Maybe you should think about maintaining your weight, rather than loosing weight and see how that goes, especially with all the changes going on in your life at the moment.

Good luck



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If I told you what one of my binges comprised you would be very proud of yourself for stopping at 250gm of raisins!

I looked up what my maintenance cals are for a day and I use this to try to be realistic about whether I have really put on fat. E.g. mine are about 2300 cals per day to neither gain nor lose. So when I had a bad day recently and my cals came to nearly 2000 instead of the planned 1300 I reassured myself that I couldn't have put weight on. This is a mind game I play because my treacherous brain will find any excuse to chuck the towel in and give up. You need about 3500 cals for one pound of fat. So a dodgy day isn't going to effect your long term weight gain/loss. This does work for me a lot of time - hope it helps you.

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