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But that's all low carb stuff? You should at least feel good that you didn't head for the White spongy stuff!!


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That wasn't a binge, just a Jim sized meal! There were no carbs! Don't worry. You probably has been trying to eat less & less. That will work against you. You've done nothing wrong hun. Chin up xx
i just want to sob from sheer frustration and stress. I have put such pressure on myself and I'm scared that people will think I have been lying when I get back to uni.

I know this is sooo bad but a part of me just wants to not eat for the next few weeks, I do know I have to though.

I want to exercise lots but it keeps giving me stomach cramps

Rachael- please stay positive, believe me you do not want to head down that kind of road!

Have you been posting what you are eating everyday on here? Perhaps someone can have a look through and see if anything might be good to switch.

Keep at it, good luck, be strong!!


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Oh don't get upset. Look I know you've read about Atkins. Not eating will just slow your metabolism down & you won't lose weight. On Atkins you don't have to exercise. If, like me, you want to go for a walk or something gentle. Some people find that lots of exercise actually stalls them!
Don't be so rough on yourself. If no one says anything about your weight loss when you get to uni f*ck them. You're not doing for them are you?
When you get to target I bet there are still people who won't mention it. I've only had 3 people say anything to me! That's not my problem, I know I've lost it.
There's nowt as queer as folk!! xx
i am suprised to see a thread about binges and then ALL the atkins friendly food in there!!

OMG ive eaten that for LUNCH!!!!

hun you have managed to gorge...and do it in atkins style! by not starving yourself i BET you lose weight this week!

Chin up! it could have been a WHOLE lot worse xxx


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I've eaten a ton today, but just kept it low carb. No way should you feel guilty about your choices Racheal x
ive been so busy today ive eaten 3 slices of chicken and some cucumber and lettuce (was a wimpy lunch tbh lol)

and had a sausage sarnie for dinner with brear, it was thin slice and because ive had no carbs i justified lol


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That's because of everything going on. I had 2 slices of beef, lunch was salmon with a prawn stir fry. Then some cheese, then some corned beef & a little tomato & a pickled egg & an oxo drink & 3 sugar free werthers & I could still eat a scabby horse!! I don't know why, another day & I struggle to eat. I've even had 8 pints of water to fill me up. Still before Steve went to work we had fun doing the shopping list for tomorrow. Meat, meat meat Loads of it :D:D
oops i lived off a litre of redbull today too haha
thanks guys :)
I really appreciate all of the support, I have just put myself under such pressure, and started weighing myself everyday (which I know is stupid) I am just so desperate to do this and I want it so much. I am so sick of being fat, so so sick.

Thank you all again
Love!! xxx


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Hahaha, hope it was sugar free! Just spoke to Racheal on FB. She can't get on MM on her Blackberry, but she knows we're here for her.
a friend of mine seems to think that if I have a 2 day carb fest and get back into induction, this will kick start me again. This terrifies me, but I could be tempted if it will really help



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It might also lead you off track. Has your friend done Atkins or is she just guessing to try to help you?
It sound's as though you should post your daily food on here & everyone can help. From what you've said you probably aren't eating enough.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do xx
I am scared its going to put me off track, I was thinking I could take the theory and maybe have 2 high calorie low carb days, so have a take away or two. I don't think I could cope with carbs at the moment x

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