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Bingo wings!


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stand with knees relaxed hip width apart. Grab hold of one weight with both hands. Put both hands above your head (keep tops of arms next to your ears), hands should be facing each other (pray position - obviously gribbing the weight inbetween) then bend your elbows slowly back and pull the weight behind your head. Don't lock your elbows. Raise slowly back up. Do 3 x 25 with a weight that you can manage but which the last few of each set are hard.

Or you can sit on a step with palms flat on step next to your bum. Move bum forward off the step (so it's hovering in mid-air) and bend elbows (which will move your bum up and down).

Think these are tricep dips so google that on Youtube to show you. Hope that helps xxx



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Hi Twinklecheeks

Yes I have the same problem, its because we are losing weight rapidly and the skin hasn't had chance to catch up yet so exercising and moisturising is definitely the answer. Josiejojo's exercise is a good one and here are a few more I copied from a health website.

When you're out and about, carry a full bottle of water with you and occasionally lift it above your head (when nobody is watching!). You may even want to purchase a pair of wrist-weights to banish bingo wings.

The bingo wing buster. Lie on your back with your arms above your head on a bed or sofa so that your head is at the end and your arms dangle over the edge (above your head). Holding a light weight, you can then lift your arms slowly upwards, and then slowly back down to the ground.

Simple bingo wing weight training. When you're watching the TV or have a spare moment, grab a couple of weights (or bags of sugar) and slowly lift them up and down. You don't need to do this quickly – but it's good to repeat the motion at least 20 times every time you do it.