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Birthday Blues???

Hi all,

Right well it is my birthday soonish (4 weeks) and I am not sure what to do.

Currently I am doing really well - almost end of week 3, and to be honest, not had much hunger pangs or anything - not really been tempted to cheat, don't intend to cheat, HOWEVER.....

First of all I must explain that I have not told any of my friends bar 1 about the diet. My fiance knows, as does my family, but only 1 friend. I don't want to tell all my friends, as to be honest when I did LL last time, they were less than supportive and told me I was going to get ill, when I was close to target they told me I looked anorexic (sic?) (which is NOT true by the way, I never did go to target completely due to nasty remarks - I only got to BMI 25.7), etc... I only had to tell one friend as she is with me a lot and started finding it odd that I wasn't drinking wine at weekend and not having our weekly meal out.

It has come to that point where people are asking "what are you doing for your birthday?" and I will be honest, I don't know what to do.

Normally, a birthday night would be going out for a meal and then going to a few pubs, and if I was up for it, perhaps a nightclub (but it just so happens I think I am too old for nightclubs now). Now I don't mind the pub bit, it means I get a bit more water down me!!! And nightclub, well by that point people will be drunk and I would leave when I felt like it, but the meal.........

I am tempted to have a night off, but I am not sure I should. I know it is 4 weeks time, but I figure you have to plan. I am just worried if I had a planned cheat it would ruin it all, but then cheating would ruin it all anyway. I would probably find it hard to get back on the wagon. But I don't want another birthday doing nothing! Last time I was on VLCD (LL) when it was my birthday I stayed in and moaned THE WHOLE NIGHT, and I don't want to ruin my life because of the diet, but I don't want to ruin the diet because of my life!!!!!!!!

I just want any ideas from anyone what you would do.
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Hi Notsotrim,

I'm totally with you on this point. It's my birthday in a few weeks and I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking that I'll probably have the day off but I wouldn't know how to do this. I don't want to shock my body by just stopping and then hopping that I'll have no problems getting back into it...


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hi notsotrim

i was thinking along the same lines a couple of weeks ago, its my hubbys birthday on 14th then mine on 21st but also our 1st wedding anniversary on the 17th, but as we are both on the diet we've decided to celebrate (in moderation) lol after we've got our weight down, as we dont go out much anyway its not much of a prob for us, and if my friends invite me on a night out ill just have to make up some excuse.. hope you find a way out of your dilemma :)
Well at the end of the day it is completely up to you but id like to offer you my experience.

All was going well for me before christmas and then i had 2 weeks off (only planning 1 day) because I started and couldnt stop. I put on a stone in those 2 weeks. I did lose 13 pounds the next week though.

Then I started again and was doing great til my birthday (1st march) and decided to have a week off. I put on 1.5 stones. I lost it again in 3 weeks.

My point is, it will be really ok if you have the night off but as long as you stick to the night off.... dont start saying... well ive blown it this week now anyway.... and make it a week.. then 2.... cos i tell you i was gutted and I wished I hadnt come off it atall cos goodness knows what weight i would be now xx

Hope this helps xx


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hey its my birthday in 4 weeks too (5th june) and am half way through week 3

i have decided to have the day off for my birthday, but jus stick to healthier foods than i wud normally and no alcohol, i am hoping to be around half way though by then, but i am def only stickin to one day

thanks for all your advice. Iam not going to have the night off. I cannot do it to myself. for the night I might make myself and fiance a meal from 790, but even then not sure.

All your points helped me, I really don't think I could trust myself to have healthy foods, and only for 1 day either. Just wait till diet is over


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Yes and do remember one thing....

When you have been SS'ing for a while, your body gets used to you not eating and is happy with that. If on your B'day, you went all crazy (as some people do) its very very VERY easy to get a weight rebound, as your body cant hold that much food.

Thats the truth and also im trying to make you realise how easy it is to blow away your hard work....

Be good!!

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