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Birthday tips.

my 27th birthday is coming up next saturday.
i dont have plans to go out but i'm sure my family has plans to and i can't possibly say no because i am on the diet.
ive only just re-started cambridge last week.
anyways what i am afraid of is that on my birthday i'll just binge and give the excuse that its my birthday and i am allowed to eat a lot of food.
i know it is going to be hard to get back on track.
im just wondering how do some of you cope during your birthdays?
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Hi, its my b day next sat to, Im sticking to ss as its to near to chrismas for me ( and my goal) not to, I will be going out with my family but just not eating, my family know what this diet means to me so are fully supportive of my choice not to eat.

Hope you have a great b day.xx


not so str8 or narrow!!
for my birthday we went to the theatre because it doesnt involve eating and i didnt want to come off the diet - so many people do have a planned day off and then never manage to ss again and i didnt want to risk it. this is just too important. whats 1 birthday meal in the grand scheme of things? the way i thought of it was as a deal with myself - have this birthday on ss and dont go for a meal at all and spend next birthday slim, healthy in a fantastic outfit eating whatever i want in what ever restaurant i chose! easy decision really! especially when i mentally pictured next years birthday really vivdly - cant wait now!!! so try and come up with a birthday plan that doesnt involve food - cinema, theme park, visit a stately home etc and just take a tetra and water.
Hi might not be of any help but it was my b'day last Saturday and all the family always get together for a a take away on b'days. So I let them, they all descended with trays of gorgeous smelling food (and I even supplied the b'day cake). I sat with my bowl of porridge and amongst all the family teasing we all had a great night. It was like I had to prove to myself I could do it and I did. I was so chuffed I didnt give into temptation and family have promised no more takeaways till I reach my target. 7 and a half weeks of ss'ing now and I aint spoilin that.

wk 1 16lb
wk 2 4lb
wk 3 3lb
wk 4 3lb
wk 5 5lb
wk 6 5lb
wk 7 3lb
wk 8 watch this space
wow i am amazed at your willpower to stick to SS on your birthday. i mean really it just shows how serious you are.good for you.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
hi it was my 40th and I had a party no one noticed I wasnt eating and I told them I was on antibiotics so I couldnt drink.It was hard,but I guess its how much you want to lose the weight that makes the decision of what you actually do.I have been restarting unsucessfully for 3 years and didnt want to have 1 day off and risk not getting back on again

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