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Birthday Week!! How to tackle?

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Hi folks

I'm very early into my "new me" plan, and have the dreaded birthday on Wednesday. We all know what goes with this, "Let's go out for dinner", "Here, have a drink", "oh, I bought you a cake!"

I have already been railroaded into having dinner with friends tomorrow night. My mum asked to take me out on Wednesday (I managed to decline but felt bad!)

Thing is, I've kept my new eating plans almost a secret from friends and family. I hate the "How much did you lose this week?" type stuff. (Although, strangely enough, with the peeps on here I quite like it!! - Internet anonymity is fabulous lol)
If anyone asks if I've lost weight, I just shrug it off and say I've been walking the dog more or something.

So here's my question, how do you guys deal with birthday week (It's my 30th, I can't really ignore it)

Do you go with the flow (I mean have something nice, but don't go overboard, like desserts and stuff) and get back on track Thursday. Or, do you sit with a baked potato and a diet coke?

It's a shame I'm full of the cold at the moment, or I would be hitting the pool for extra sessions......
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my birthday is coming up soon and i have told my friends not to get me a cake but instead just make enough cupcakes for the people who are attending the meal so that i dont get left with a cake to take home but they can still get involved and you get a cake with a candle lol. on the meal front have what you want but ask for an alternative to things like chips for salad as most places will accomodate and go out for drinks but trade beers for a vodka and diet mixer as this is less on the calories.you can still have fun and not feel as guilty about it.
ive also limited myself to one day of celebrations this year rather than the week i usually do.
you can always blame the cold for a loss of appetite if you feel too guilty about heavily calorific foods.
but you should enjoy your birthday and have a fab time dont sit counting calories you can always adjust the rest of your week to include an extra 20mins walking day to control the extra cals.


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yeah, i tackled it by gaining 3lb.


But, thats not the advice you're looking for. haa.

Give yourself a little bit of freedom, but dont go over the top. The cupcake idea above is good. Add in some extra exercise or something to burn off the extra cals. Pick something to eat that is healthy enough but still doesnt trigger peoples "Weightloss..plus healthy food OMGGZZ she's dieting"

Save your cal intake for the meal at night maybe?
I dont know if thats something that would suit you, it does me though.

S: 16st0lb C: 14st7lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st7lb(9.38%)
Hi guys, thanks for the advice.

I decided to enjoy myself and not get hung up. Saved plenty calories by being good during the day.
Never bothered with a drink, because of my cold I realy didn't fancy a wine or beer anyway.

Starter was a prawn cocktail, ok the sauce might not be totally angelic, but it's hardly a block of lard!
Main I went for fish and chips, and was so full I never managed to finish it, so overall, guestimating at calories, I finished the day on 50 over my total.

Got to be happy with that!!!


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S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
Awesome, well done. [:


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