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Birthdays... (food mentioned)


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Hey everyone :)

I was just wondering, what does everyone do in regards to CD on their birthdays?

Like for me, I've always thought that "taking a day off" for some reason or another is completely unhelpful and defeats the point of this diet. I feel that you need to overcome social events whilst sticking to the diet if you want to be able to maintain successfully, so that you can realise you don't always need to eat rubbish to have a good time socially, and don't need to feel you are missing out. (I don't mean to offend anyone who chooses to do this!! Just my opinion, which I go on to contradict in a minute anyway :p)

And so far I have done this; all social events I've had to attend, even the extra special ones, I've stuck to my shakes and porridge. *But*... my birthday is coming up in four weeks, coinciding with the end of my A-levels/breaking up from school for the summer etc etc. So it's like three events in one. Now, my birthday is on the 22nd, and I have a weigh in then too, so I'm trying to aim for being able to move on to 810 then (it's about 10lbs away), so I'd be able to have a birthday/end of exam meal with my friends, which would be nice (even though I can't have alcohol!).

But if I don't manage to get there by then, would it be OK to have an 810 style meal anyway? I'm going to a restaurant with all my friends, so I'm worried it might not be exactly 810 in the sense that they might add extra stuff I wouldn't if I was cooking it, even if I try and stick with a salad or something. I'm going to ask for a copy of the menu in advance so I'm prepared, but should you risk eating something in a restaurant if you don't know what's going in it?

Now I know I could really just have a shake or whatever, it's just its my birthday and also probably the last meal I'm going to have with all my friends together before I leave for uni. I think sitting there with a shake, I'd just feel stupid.

Anyway, I was wondering what everyone else did on their birthdays? Anyone else's birthday/party/wedding whatever, I'm fine with sticking to SS, but it's different when it's your own for some reason!
Should I stick to it or not? What would you do? I won't even start with "shall I have a slice of birthday cake" lol, that's one I need to work out on my own :p

It's so difficult trying to find the balance between living normally and not going back to old habits... :sigh:
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Ask the restaurant for your salad plain and your chicken or whatever you are decide to have im sure you will find they will have no problem doing this for you. Have a great birthday.


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I personally think you would be fine to have a SS+ meal have plain chicken and some salad or veg i did this for a family birthday meal and i didnt gain anything i still lost a 1lb yeah i didnt have a great loss but i carnt really blame it on the SS+ meal i had because likes of curlywurly whos on SS+ fulltime shes lost quite a bit on it so go for it yes you say it defeats the point of being on the diet but at the same point you need to have a life too, The diet should revolve around your life not your life around the diet just pick the right things then get back on 100% SS if your still on it you might even be on 810 by then and then this convo wont matter :D:D be positive and work towards that 810 goal! :D


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and......... like you said its YOUR birthday im sure in the future when your a skinny little thing and eating sensibley you will always let yourself have a treat on your birthday your only going to turn that age once and deserve to feel normal for the day just remeber to chose the best options :) just DONT fall off the wagon and scoff alsorts " cos its my birthday "


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It's my birthday on 21st, my mum is coming over and I was going to have a meal but now I'm thinking I won't. Because the following week (27th) we have a function to go to and for this I am going to eat. It's our first time in the Mess (hubby is forces) and I want to enjoy every moment of it, so will allow myself a small meal, and suffer the consequences. Fortunately, I am not fond of drink, so water will suit me fine, and with any luck, I'll be straight back into the diet the next day.


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Hey hon ..
I would say go out and just have something like chicken and salad (lettuce and cu) or veg and dont have dressing etc you can have balsamic.. I did this each night when I was at Euro disney and it was fine and still lost 3 pounds.. Also before I went I went out for dinner twice and just explained that I was on a diet and just needed plain chicken and they were fine with it..
Good luck hon .. Go and enjoy yourself for your birthday but dont feel you have to go mad with food.

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