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Total Solution Birthdays on TS


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It depends how good you are at getting straight back on the wagon. Last year I decided to have a treat for my birthday, and never did as well at being strict afterwards. Personally, if you can, I would recommend finding a different way to celebrate your birthday that doesn't involve food, or if it does that it is low carb. But it's up to you, and some people can successfully just have that one day and get straight back on. Be honest with yourself, will you go back with the same enthusiasm as when you started?

The first time on a vlcd before you come off the wagon is by far the easiest (in my opinion), so I would think really seriously about coming off it!


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When I was on CD I managed a weekend holiday off before getting back on no problems....so I don't know. I think I would be fine tbh but can't be 100% sure.
Generally as long as I plan the blip I can easily go back to 100% straight after. It's unplanned nibbling I struggled with before which is why I'm being so strict not to even lick my fingers if preparing my sons dinner lol

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I've come off exante for special occassions before and never ever get back on track even though I plan to.
It really is difficult to have a day off and start exante again.

I will be doing TS on my birthday this year as I dont want to risk not being able to get back on the wagon again afterwards.
There will always be other birthdays to celebrate, having 1 without food wont kill us.


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My plan atm is to stick to it all day and then in the evening we're going to a Chinese buffet so I can enjoy myself without filling up as I will be able to control the size of my meal.. I'll also be able to pick the healthier options and eat from the salad bar too :)


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I am hoping to hit target before my birthday, just before!! However I am planning to do Go Ape with a bunch of friends so that even if I am still on TS I can do something with my friends that is fun and doesnt involve eating.
I think its okay to come off for a special occassion as long as you can get straight back on. When I did LL I came off for christmas time, I couldnt get back on it at all so I know Im best to stick to it 100%. I am sure you will be fine as long as your honest with yourself.


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I stayed 100% TS for my birthday and it was fine... not the most exciting birthday of my life but I felt really proud of myself for not going off the rails. However, tried to do a week of Atkins for my holiday at the end of Oct and am still struggling to get back on the Exante wagon! Argh!


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Oh I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't treat myself on my birthday....... But I'm so looking forward to my Chinese :(
It's also keeping me 100% atm knowing I have it to look forward to.... I'll see how I feel in 2 weeks as I might not want to risk it then and not need it for motivation