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bit fed up


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My scales are usually spot on with my cdc have been for the last 4 weeks and now that i get weighed every 2 weks i have been weighing myself on mine one week and hers the next then adding the total.

well mine last week said a loss of 3lbs and today before my cdc came they said i had lost another 3lb but my cdcs weighed me at 2lbs heavier than mine and so i've lost 1lb this week. I know a 1lb is still a pound but i have lost more than this the last time i was on ww and felt like a i was eating all day long

Oh well will keep fighting the fat!:cry:
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Aww Kirsty, how frustrating! I am a bit worried about this as I am seeing my CDC monthly now and so using my scales as a comparator. My scales seem to be 1 lb lighter than CDC so keeping that in mind, but I will be gutted if by the time I weigh with her I haven't lost as much as I thought.

Did you weigh at roughly the same time as your CDC weighed you? It seems strange that you've always been spot on, but now this difference. Don't let it get you down though hun, I am sure next time you see her there will be a bigger loss x


is gonna shine in 2009
I weighed about about 5 times before she came lol I know serial weigher. and each time mine were the same 14.2 and then mym cdcs weighed me at 14.4 ah well i'm not one to let it make me give up, it will come off it has to on 411 cals a day!
bloody scales.lol.
You have done so well up to now and next time will be different again hunni.
My loss was 1lb this week must be something in the water.lol.


If you know that her scales are 2lbs heavier than yours, always take that into account when you weigh yourself at home.....the 2 scales won't change so it's good to know the difference from the start.


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really disheartening when this happens hey?
but next week you might shift a mega amount, like you said on so few calories youve got to lose it, maybe its water retention, nearly totm? or you need a good poo (sorry!!)
keep with it and i'm sure the losses will pick up/go down ??
good luck. x


is gonna shine in 2009
Thanks all thats the thing minz her scales are always the same as mine have been for 4 weeks now and my scales always weigh me the same don't go up and down in lbs like some do, but hers have weighed me 2lbs heavier for some reason. i'll get there in the end either way and really who cares what your weight says its how you look in clothes that people notice

and have lost 5.5inch from my waist and 4.5 from hips 2.5 from each thigh and 3 from chest. so must be going somewhere lol


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and have lost 5.5inch from my waist and 4.5 from hips 2.5 from each thigh and 3 from chest. so must be going somewhere lol

those are really great inch losses!! well done you!!

There is always around a 2lb difference between mine and my cdc scales also, but my logic is that i will continue to weigh myself on my scales long after i stop seeing my cdc so my scales count more than hers!! (also lighter on mine he he)

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