Bit miffed atm...


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I know I shouldnt, but I weigh myself at home too and this week for the past 3-4 days I've been stuck at the same :confused: I've been really good this week as I wasn't really last week and only had a 1lb loss so I wanted a good loss this week. I have lost 3lbs but I expected more because I have been so good and have been in ketosis most of the week.

I'm hoping I'm down a bit more when I go for weigh in tomorrow night.
Hi Piper

I weigh myself each day and generally it does work for me as it shows me how my body is working. However, you do get used to the scales going down every day or so which is so satifying! However, it can't last and sometimes the scales do stick for 3 or 4 days and then the challenge then is to have faith in the diet and your body that it is doing it's best. It is hard I know but just don't let it make you quaver. If you carry on following to the letter you will find that you probably have a big loss around the corner. On occasion when it has stuck for three or four days then I have had a 2 pound loss for the following 2 days which is really fab. It's water retention or something. You can also get the tape measure out too to see that inches are still going down if you like.

It is hard but don't let it get to you just keep going your reward is just round the corner. (exciting isn't it!!!!)

Dizzy x
It's a bummer, Piper, but it happens. I've only had a 1lb loss too this week, but it has happened before and I know that next week will be different. The first time it happened I was devastated because that's the stage that I normally stray from diets, but now I know that it happens occasionally, I can stay on track.

Don't be too upset, Piper, it could be water retention/hormones/dodgy scales/any combination of a number of things which could all be different next week.
Agree with Dizzy.

Most weeks my weightloss stalled for 3-4 days and then the rest of the week I lost.

There really is nothing wrong with weighing daily. I always have. Only if you can take the rough with the smooth though. It doesn't matter how many times a day you weigh, you will lose weight at the same pace as if you weren't weighing.

There is no faster diet than a VLCD. If you are keeping to it 100% you wil lose the maximum that you can. So look at the scales and rejoice. Whether you have lost or gained...stick to the diet and you will be getting smaller.
Piper, I can really sympathise here, I've stuck to the diet to the letter, including forcing down 4.5 litres of water a day, and over the last 10 days I've only lost 2.5lbs. I could cry! I weigh at home too because I like to weigh first thing in the morning.
I keep saying this can't last, just a phase and it will all start working properly. Interestingly I've had about the same total weight loss as you, maybe there's a period of your body adjusting at this early stage in the diet. Anyone know more?

3lbs in a week is a good loss and it is a damn site better than a gain as well. Maybe some of last week effected your loss at the beginning of the week or maybe you just stabalised.

You are doing really well and remember everything you learned about crooked thinking!?!
Thanks all. You'd think this is the first time I've done a VLCD the way I carry on!! I know I'm still on par for a stone a month so I can't complain at that!! Just made my first muffin tonight so thats' cheered me up a bit - not quite chocolatey enough though ;-)
Lynne, any improvement this morning? I just suddenly went down 1.5lbs this morning, must be the accumulated loss for the past few days. Quite a relief, I had been starting to think there was something wrong with me!!
My scales never show a change from Thurs until Sunday, and then stay the same from Sunday until weighin on Thurs.

Weird huh?

Hi Im a scales addict and only 10 days ago I was upset that my scales were being nasty to me,BUT I do know how my body works so I dont know why I was so down HORMONAL thing I think.I always after the 1st 2 weeks lose my weight(or it shows up) on weigh-in day,all week last week the scales were telling me I put on stayed the same then I went to my weigh-in and I lost 3lbs :) You see like everyone here says if your sticking to the VLCD then you will lose as how can we stick on 400-500 cals a day??
Try weighing yourself 1st thing every morning and write it down and ONLY take your Offical weigh-in as your actual weight ,thats what im doing now as my chatterbox was ganging up on me with my scales to get me to eat and I havent ;)