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bit miffed

totally justified Jez - it's those little incentives that keep us going!


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We had a stand in consultant and she gave out a fridge magnet for slimmer of the week, think it must be a matter of how much they wish to spend on their 'kit'.I would consider going to another class that gives out awards,they are a very important part of going to class. well done on your loss.
thanks girls, hopefully it will get beter lol ah well we will see, put my progress on slimming world site they gave me the internet version of award lol so not so bad x
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Awww Jez! That's not on at all. Do they not realise these things?

We have a stand in at the moment as during WI all she does is goes out for a fag and perches herself on the edge of the shop table! :rolleyes: Can't wait until my normal leader gets back x

PS - Well done on your losses xx


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well done on your loss! yes i'd be miffed at not getting my sticker - i used to love them when i went to class - i had them all the front of my book and still look at them now to remind me that i did it then and i can do it again (now do SW online due to childcare).


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I would be very very miffed about that!!!

Getting my stickers is a massive motivation for me. I couldn't do it without getting them.... I love it!!!

(Can you tell I'm an infant teacher! lol)

Fingers crossed for a better new consultant.

Keep it up! :)


This is really the time!
I would be cross too!! I show my stickers off like my 6 year old shows his sticker on his jumper when he comes out of school....with a beaming smile and extreme pride lol

Sounds like you were SOW. A loss or maintain last week and the biggest loss this week. Wasn't that you??

Demand shiney stickers!!!lol


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I would be very cross!

Slimmer of the week is given to the highest loser that week - but not if they didn't stay to class the week before, or had a gain.

We will be getting a stand in consultant after next week and I'm dreading it


This is really the time!
We had a stand in a few weeks ago.. I dreaded it. But she was amazing. She is an area manager. So, I think some stand in's are great!

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