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Bit of a Moan! WI 5/6

Hi guys...just a quick moan cos I only lost 5lbs this last fortnight besides being 100%. My main bugbear is the fact I go to WI on Friday morning at 9am when my scatty pharmacist has just got in...she takes me in a full to the brim stockroom, then gets the scales off a shelf behind a load of boxes and c**p, puts them different places every time and also cant add up!....this slapdash approach with what I call quite frankly cheap and nasty scales is getting me down as im paying for a 2nd rate service as she always looks at me like ive cheated....and to top it off Im 7lbs lighter on both home and Boots weighing scales.....GRRRRRR....rant over lol.....still determined and not gonna fall off.....looking forward to a biggy next fortnight lol!!!

Happy WIs everyone and have a great week :wave_cry:
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Awww Is there another pharmacy near you that does lipotrim? I wouldn't be happy if mine was doing that and I think I would have to tell her that moving the scales about is messing up your weigh ins.just be honest with how you feel.you have a right to the service you pay for and if she doesn't change get on the phone to lipotrim x
hey your overall weight loss for 5 weeks is 26 pounds!!!!! thats fantastic, so keep positive and carry on.l would also have to have a word with your pharmacist and tell her how you feel, they should encourage and motivate you,if it continues l would do as previously said and contact Lipotrim to raise your concerns ,hang on in there and let us know how you get on
Weigh Ins

Your paying for a service you're not getting. Look for another pharmacist or challenge the one you're using to be more professional in their approach. Can you report their poor performance to Lipotrim?
Weigh Ins

Let her know that you are using the scales at boots as there is a variance between hers and theirs.

I like the boots scales as they measure body fat composition. So if you're using boots scales make sure you measure body fat so you can distinguish whether your weight loss is water/glycogen or fat.

I'm going for my weigh in on Monday at the pharmacy but will also go to boots and do the body fat analysis as well.
That is an awesome weight loss all the same. Well done! Annoying about the pharmacist alright, understand the grrrrr factor! I guess have a chat with her.....
Thanks guys.....this site is awesome....and a quick read on here after my weekly encounter with my pharmacist bint keeps me going!

Thanks again and have a good week all x

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