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  1. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    I realised I should start my own diary because I was just bombarding everyone else's :p I never really felt the need to have my own diary before, but Ive always slipped up and failed and restarted so maybe this will keep me in check! and keep me off everyone else's diaries, moaning about my own issues!

    So a bit of background...

    Been mucking about with VLCDs and GI since 2008 when I was just 16 stone, found myself all the way up for 20 stone in Nov and thought something has to change! Been up and down like crazy and never sticking to anything. Going for a slightly different approach this time of anything is better than nothing. I know its not to everyones taste, but I doing a bit of this and bit of that. Losely following a celebrity slim plan of 2 packets of meal replacement, 1 small low carb meal and 3 snacks. I am going to eat out and Im not going to hate myself when I break the rules. I am going to be sensible and find work arounds. Be proud of myself when I simply eat a smaller portion of the bad stuff. I know this might upset people but I have finally found something workable and realistic for the long term!

    I am also going to accept that I am not going to be a size 14 in 10 days...

    A bit about me... I am 24 and have just returned to education to be a mature student for a year. Which is really useful as it has taken me out of my working routine and allowed me to change my food related habits. I also live alone, with no pesky bf/family to scupper my dieting plans!

    So because Ive done/am doing ever diet going, everyone is welcome to come along for the ride! Im interested in VLCD tips, healthy eating/cooking, investigating SW/WW for future reference, calorie counting and exercise!

    Mostly, if you want to have a moan about being a fatty and putting the world to rights, you'll fit right in with me! haha

    Lastly, I do have a very sarcastic sense of humour and I do worry that isnt conveyed well in text, so please dont take anything I write too seriously! and anything I write about diets/my dieting is not always the company line... dont be offended, just my 2 pence!
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  3. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    Well done for getting started! I put loads of weight on over Christmas and need it shifted! Looks like you are getting it all on track :) I'm also Hoping that Creating a food diary will help... once I've written down EVERYTHING I ate the previous day - might kick me in to eating less of the crap I was eating... what are you eating for breakfast? I find that the hardest part since I don't normally eat it - Good Luck :D
  4. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    I actually managed not to put any weight on over xmas because I saw that 20 stone on the scales in nov, it was so weird, it was there one day and gone the next but I couldnt get it out my head and went on GI and only had xmas day and boxing day off but I had got used to smaller portions by then so I didnt over eat.

    I am so not a breakfast person either! atm I am just having a meal replacement shake for breakfast but I often dont eat it til I get hungry which is not until lunch time anyway, so I just push back the rest of my meals. Im pretty much a night owl and I live alone so its no bother for me! Ive read a lot on the forums about intermittent fasting too, some people do just 12-14 hours which I figure I do anyway if my last meal is at 10pm and the next meal is 2pm the next day. It sort of throws the body off and it seems to work for me! Im weighing tmrw but I think Ive lost about 6lbs this week - thats the kind of loss you would expect from someone on a total meal replacement diet.

    What are you doing? Calorie counting?

  5. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    Oh well done you :D That is brilliant! Hopefully you can keep it off! Oh my, you managed Christmas with not too much bad then :) that's really good :D I am the same, never eat breakfast so eat it when I'm hungry... I was on the slim fast diet but i retched every time i tried to drink the shakes! Now I'm just having 2 special K bars for breakfast, soup or cracker bread with a piece of fruit for lunch then a 500 kcal meal for dinner then not really hungry after dinner... I'm finding it hard through the day to not eat though - get so hungry once had breakfast! :( only downside! I've never tried fasting before.. i usually eat around 6pm and then don't eat until around 11am so... that has to be kinda right i guess. So are you just on the meal replacement?

    I usually go running or jogging 3 times a week but just have not got the energy and low and behold... working for nothing, whilst doing what you love is still not enough to live on and join a gym :/ Do you do gym too? x
  6. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    I always think if you eat breakfast it just makes you hungrier quicker! lol so I totally get you!

    yeah atm I am using every left over from various diets, so I have shakes and soups and bars from lighter life, Cambridge, celebrity slim and tescos own version. so having a shake for breakfast, soup for lunch and then a small meal in the evening - usually chicken salad! and 3 snacks - which is basically fruit or veg or diet bars.

    Yeah I do have a gym membership, only issue is I have glandular fever and have done for 3 months, so not been in the gym for 3 months, although I have been in the pool. I love swimming and some how, even when Im ill I have the time and energy for it. Im really lucky tho, no way as a student I could afford the gym but I asked for a years subscription for a bday present from my rents! lol

    What do you do for work?
  7. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    Totally find that!!!

    I'm a veterinary Nurse but sometimes take breaks out to do other things with my life haha - I've just qualified, only 21 :) What are you studying? x
  8. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    Im doing a business degree, in my 3rd year now, did the first two years whilst working full time for coca-cola. I know what you mean about taking breaks tho, might do a bit of traveling once my degree is done! been in education my whole life and going to be 25 by the time Im done! lol x
  9. madmuppet

    madmuppet Well-Known Member

    Congrates on the great start sounds to me you have quite a good plan no point beating yourself up if you go off plan slightly i think it only sets you back even more :)
    I've got around about the same amount of weight to lose as you and am having shakes for breakfast and lunch then a meal at the moment said meal has been ham salad, i love salad and could quite happily munch my way though it all week tomorrow though im going to get the hairy bikers cook book out and pick a healthy family meal out of there to try :D

    Good luck with your journey x
  10. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    This is exactly why I decided to change tactics and be more realistic with myself! life happens and gets in the way of VLCD and they also have the downfall of not teaching you how to cope afterwards, this way Im learning portion control and balance along the way!

    I love salad too! its a good job cos although I like veg, meat and veg feels weird without a sauce, not sure how to work around that one?

    ahhh loved the hairy bikers diet series! my dad got me the cookbook for my birthday but I moved house and it is yet to surface! I will be trying some recipes from it though as I love cooking, also How to cook yourself thin, did you watch the show a couple years back? on channel 4 with 4 different ladies presenting recipes.

    Glad to find someone in the same place, hoping to go the same distance! Have you started a diary? You lost nearly 2stone already, so good! very impressive! Im a bit jealous :p find out tmrw if Ive made my first stone :p

  11. madmuppet

    madmuppet Well-Known Member

    Snap every other time i have tried to diet i have given it my all but then as soon as i have slipped up thats been it i half heartedly try to carry on but then allgood intentions go out the window and im left feeling worst then before :eek:

    This time im still giving it my all but without the pressure of all the times before :) The weight i have already lost was a result from my last attempt in 2011 was shocked when weighed in monday to only have gained 7lbs since then really pleased that im still under the 20st mark, Ive started a new diary for this journey there should be a link in my signature have read my old one and thought new one needed lol that was then this is now.

    I never saw cook yourself thin may have to have a look online for it, im a great fan of the biggest loser just goes to show what can be done when you just live and breath weight loss currently watching any thing i can fine on tv about weight loss to spur me on so far obese a year to save my life is keeping me in the right head space :D

    Good luck hun we can do this :)
  12. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    wow, you did so well to maintain the loss! I should have seen your diary lol just being dense today, Ill go get involved :p

    Im the same, I watched all the supersize vs superskinny too, did you see the docs that were on recently about sunderlands obesity ward? they were scary! all the programmes and docs and articles on weightloss really spurr me on! Loads on the daily mail atm, hate the newspaper but always go on to see the celeb pics as they have new ones every day, I just try not to read the articles or comments as they are so narrow minded its terrifying! As its Jan they seem to have a new weightloss success story every day and I am loving it! love seeing the transformations! :)

    what channel is a year to save my life on?

  13. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    Well its been a week since I started eating healthy, started celeb slim on monday, but my first weigh in is today and I am done to 18stone 12!!! woooo so happy, I broke the stone bracket!! not been in the 18s for over a year!

    -7 in the first week, really not a bad start :p in 2 or 3 weeks time I could see the 17s and thats been 2 years since Id last seen it!

    Just keep swimming!
  14. madmuppet

    madmuppet Well-Known Member

    :party0049: Way to go hun congrates amazing what a week can do :)

    Cant remember what side a year to save my life was on i just hit record at the weekend and got the whole series in one day perhaps it was a special lol

    Keep up the great work hun you will reach your goal in no time x
  15. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    I know Im so chuffed - not managed a week for a long time! always giving up after 1,2 or 3 days! lol I always make excuses for myself too like Im ill or whatever, but my life is so stressful right now and Im still doing it despite everything that is going on!

    I have had glandular fever for the past 3 months so I got extensions for all my uni work but all my deadlines are coming up now and Im still ill but plowing through the work anyway! The diet actually works well when your sat in from of the comp for 12-14 hours!

    Also just found out my Dad has cancer again, which is really sad but kinda makes me more determined. He has been so supportive my whole life and whenever I see him he just asks 'what are we eating today?' and does what ever diet/binge Im on at the time! Hes seen me try and fail every diet Ive been on so it would be nice if I could succeed and show him I really can do it before its too late!

    Thanks for your encouragement, how is your week coming along? X
  16. madmuppet

    madmuppet Well-Known Member

    Not being well sucks hun what with all the work you have but yep can see how sitting at the pc for so long can help the diet lol

    Sorry to hear the news about your Dad (Hugs) if you every need to chat you know where i am, He sounds like a pukka dad who just wants to see you succeed i cant imagine my dad eating the things i have tried on so many diets lol and what a great incentive for you to really succeed this time :) dont let it get you done hun you can do this and your already ahead of the game with your great loss today you will win and your dad will see you and be so proud.

    My dad has been a tired grumpy one lol but now that its time to collect the kids my energy has arrived better late then never i suppose :D so am now of to collect them before rushing around with their diffrent clubs tonight wednesdays are a nightmare get home do tea drop first boy off come home collect other son and drop him of come home grab a coffee then back out to pick first son up back home then half hour later back out to pick up other son before making sure they have a bath and then finally get them to bed those 3 hours just seem like im in and out in and out lol atleast its only once a week.

    Keep the great work up and i'll catch you again soon x
  17. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    LOL that sounds like an absolute nightmare! bet your glad its only once a week! otherwise you'd have to fit a revolving door hahah

    Thanks for the support hun, just dealing with everything as it comes!

    Had a good start yest, a shake for breakie and soup for lunch and then I went to therapy - which I came out of feeling amazing, a lot of weight off my shoulders this week! Went swimming in the evening - only swam for 30 mins but had to get out cos the pool was rammed! so annoying, everyone on their new year kick :p I could have gone for ages but there was about 6 people swimming in my lane LOL

    Then the bad thing happened lol I was desperate for some comfort food, I was trying to work out what I actually wanted - which is quite hard with me cos I have a very funny relationship with food. I know I want something, I just never know what, then I get really frustrated and angry when I cant decide and thats when I buy so much crap and just eat it all. OR a HUGE amount of take away food. In the grand scheme of things I did pretty well - I ate about 500cals of biscuits. I could have been so much worse. I bought the pack intending to have a few but I couldnt stop myself from eating them all - even when I felt sick because my stomach has shrunk so much :( Really need to work out how to fix that, cos I cant maintain until I get that under control. I felt miserable as soon as I had finished so I took myself to bed with no dinner to compensate.

    Woke up this morning after a lovely 12 hour sleep. Fresh head, fresh eyes and all that. Draw a line under yesterday. I didnt gain any weight as I only ate about 1000 cals but its still not the way to diet. Off for a swim now and hoping for a better day today :)

  18. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    Just got back from my swim and I'm feeling pumped! Full of lovely endorphins. Only place I don't care about being fat. I just get on with it! So weird cos I'm most on show lol

    There was a man in the fast lane and I was secretly racing him and I won several times haha its the small things!
  19. madmuppet

    madmuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh hun after having such a good day aswell damn those pesky biscuits I so know what its like to want something but not know what one of my many downfalls aswell as one of the many causes for my liking of digestive biscuits i seriously can eat them all day long lol. Hopefully though the fact your still under 1000cals they wont have done any damage and the best thing you woke today and just put it behind you whoop whoop :D

    Lmao this is so something i would do! really made me chuckle

    Keep up the great work hun your doing amazing :) heres to another good day tomorrow for us x
  20. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Well-Known Member

    tbh Im glad it was just biscuits cos I was so hankering after fish and chips! Im such a self sabotager! Its a nightmare, but I didnt go take away so thats something!

    Had a weight watchers cooked breakfast for tea, was really yummy and just what I needed! The sausages are only 66cals each! couldnt believe it!

  21. madmuppet

    madmuppet Well-Known Member

    Hope you have a great weekend hun and keep up the great work x

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