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Feeling a bit down i need to moan...


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
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There isnt much need to read this and today i have started and closed the web page so many times whilst writing this but i just want to put it in writing so i dont go mad.

Im having a rubbish day at work and im really not fitting in here anymore. I've had problems for a while but yesterday one team leader sent invites out to her team plus my part time person about a xmas dinner. I know i dont work the day she sent it but i didnt even get given the option of coming, i just wasnt invited! :confused: Its not because im on a diet because one of my close friends at work has been invited. some people i used to talk regularly to just blank me now as well and they make snide comments when they think i cant hear them :(

Im also upset today because we collect the most beautiful kitten on Monday night and i've had to advertise her for sale today because my partner and daughter are allergic to her :cry:They are as gutted as i am because she was perfect, it was as if she had been in our house all along and my other cat was just starting to warm to her.

I will not go and buy a chocolate bar. :mad: I refuse to. :sigh:

Ok moan over :4633:
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Wee Doll

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hugs for you hun xx

dont let them get to you. Thats the exact reason i left my job a few weeks ago. people were basically bullying me, the team leader made me cry ffs!

they are only being mean to you cause they have nothing good in their life right now!!

i hate to see people belittle others its really not nice or not on

chin up! good on you for not reaching for the chocolate

oh dear sounds like you are having a rough patch of things.

I would look at all the positives in what you have written - you still have another cat, which means you could get another new kitten of the same type of cat that the family wont be allergic too perhaps?

You have most likely not been invited to the lunch as you do not work that day - and as you are feeling a little down about work generally you are reading far too much into it. Dont be upset, it is because you dont work on the day - and someone may even come and speak to you about it later on to explain such.

Sending you a little cyber hug (and taking the chocolate AWAY from you!)

Mwah!!! xxx


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
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Thanks ladies

I know its not the end of the world but when they just all hit you at once its like a big kick in the teeth! I was so proud of myself for cooking chips and egg for 1/2 a syn last night and couldnt wait to announce it lol but this morning i felt so deflated.
The work issues is just 1 in a long list of things they have been doing. I have had a meeting with "the big boss" and when i was off work a letter arrived which said she wasnt looking into it any further because she believed it was my mind making more out of it....ok but there are reasons why i feel lousy about these people, i have 2 good friends here, 1 of which has gone through it as well.

I know what it is, its because im extra fabulous!!!! :giggle:

pah sod em, i want my grumpy kitty, a cuddle from my princess and to see my lovely OH...home time soon.... :)
keeping thinking of the kitty, cuddles and OH and hometime will be here before you know it.

PS. It IS cos you are extra super fabuloustastical. They are simply jealous grumpbottoms.
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It is rotten when you think you are being given the rough edge of things but you keep smiling. If you are right in thinking they are being funny with you nothing will hurt them more than you being nice to them, as if nothing is going on. Smile at them, say hi to them include them in your conversations. Be a better person than them.

Having said that I am the worlds most paranoid person at times and tend to imagine the unimaginable.

My DH was allergic to cats when we first met...............25 years of marriage and with 8 cats 4 of whom live in the house he now has no allergies what-so-ever.

hugs xxxxxx

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