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bit of a revelation in group tonight!

i was picked up by someone for the first time since i can remember - and they didn't collapse in a heap on the floor!

I weigh 9 stone 2 tonight and the LLC told a girl who has lost the same weight as me to give me a piggy back.

i was horrified as i thought i would do her a permanent injury - she's only 21!

anyway , she did - i was amazed.

even when i got married last year i only let my hubby half carry/throw me across the threshold as i was embarrased about how much i weighed ( and he is a bit if a bodybuilder, so could have easily lifted me)

wow. maybe i actually do weigh less than i think.
daisy x
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You are DINKY Daisy!!!

I saw my Sports Practitioner today and she is 9st 9lb (she's 5'5")and very dinky too!! I feel like a heffalump beside her!
Well done you Daisy

Just imagine carrying that weight around with you.
I can't believe I took and extra 12 stone everywhere with me for years!:confused:
Daisy!! Isn;t that an amazing feeling! I remember when my husband picked me up, tossed me over his shoulders and marched up the stairs with me. I could not stop laughing. For days! it was just the greatest feeling ever!!!! It was and still is one of the best moments post LL, that made me so glad I did this!!!

Good on ya girl! :D


Making it all add up
Awesome Daisy. You are small, accept it and celebrate
DD said:
I weigh 9 stone 2 tonight..............

wow. maybe i actually do weigh less than i think.
Dasiy, you are slim and light!

At 9st 2lbs you are around 58.4 Kilo's; when I'm in the gym I bench press nearly 3 times your weight on the machines (if your hubby is a BB'er than he probably could too!)

Accept it Dasiy, you are slim slim slim! :D


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Daisy, that must be such an amazing feeling. I've always dreamed of being picked up (just like BL described ;)) however I don't think it'll ever happen - if I got to a BMI of 25 I'd still weigh 11st 101bs :( That's the drawback of being a great big tall thing!


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Lucy at your height you'd look fab at 11st10:D


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Thanks Kik :) I know sometimes taller people carry weight easier (or maybe that's just a cop out?!!) but it does mean I'd need Arnie Schwarzenegger or Hulk Hogan to make me feel dainty :D :D xx
Nice one Daisy .you are a :superwoman: Bet you feel on :character00100:!!!

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