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Bit of an addict.

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by shazza87, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. shazza87

    shazza87 Full Member

    Well as the title says, i did 3 months at slimming world. Only managed to loose 8lbs in that time (i did cheat, a lot!)
    Now a few months down the line, i've gained about a stone and half. I can't stop eating junk!!

    I get through about 5 big bars of choc, plus more, I skip meals to eat choc, biscuits and junk. I try to eat healthy. I'll have a hugeeee dinner and still want suger! So day 1 of no suger so far and i've got a massive headache. I'm snappy, very!!! And i can't stop thinking about junk food! i've quit smoking (4 years now) and this is harder!! Back in my youthful (and not my proudest days) i used to take drugs. And my come down and my moods are worse than coming of drugs!!!

    I have an uncontrollable appetite! when i eat, i can eat!! i will get through loads. packets of biscuits, bars and bars of choc, cakes, anything, i want it. (nothing healthy though)

    We have a lock on are cupboard to store all our junk food (but i can break in, lol) So now in the day while hubby at work, its locked outside in the shed. I do a lot of secret eating, cuz i eat that much! and i have kids and don't want them to pick up bad habits.

    If theres no suger in the house, i will resort to eating spoon fulls of maple syrp, if we have it in. If not i pinch the kids vitamin tablets and eat them like sweets.

    If i do baking with my children the children can have 1, maybe 2. And i'll eat the rest of the huge batch we made.

    So they say the first part of an addict is to admit they got a problem. Sooo.... I've got a problem, i'm a big pig who can't say no to food!!!

    Off out to take my mind of food. Lets see if i can last the day.
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  3. shazza87

    shazza87 Full Member

    Today's been awful!! I've been sooo snappy and no patience at all. Had huge healthy dinner and tea, and feel full, but still want choc! Been really thirsty today to so made sure i drank lots. still got to get through tonight when hubby comes home with a bag of goodies, going to be had to say no!
  4. Panni

    Panni Full Member

    ive been there, love my chocolate, try to stick with it, i found that hot chocolate helps me (one option satchel is 2 syns) and other munchies i sometimes have a pack of space raiders wich is 3.5 syns.
    Good luck! :)
  5. kel86

    kel86 Silver Member

    Hi hun I'm so like you. I skip meals and fill up on choc etc I've also not lost much weight due to pi**ing about. I also have two children who constantly ask me why they can't have more than one choc bar

    Good luck I'll keep checking in to see how you get on.

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