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Bit of Science for You

I was looking on the net and found this report about the efficacy and long term success of VLCDs.

Should say right now that it was funded by a VLCD provider, but most research (or meta research, as in this case) is. It seems well-referenced and without too much bias. I haven't done any science since GCSE, but I found it fairly easy to follow, so i recommend you have a look if you like to back up your actions with the facts (as far as they are known).

Key findings for me:

Statistically there is no difference in weightloss between a 400 cal VLCD, and one of 800cals. There should be a difference of 0.4 kg/week, so it's likely that this is due to people on 800cals being more likely to stick to it.

Weightloss on any VLCD is likely to be around 2kg/week for the first six weeks (nearly 4.5lbs) and then only 0.8kgs / week (2lbs) thereafter. again, this may be due in part to people not sticking to the diet.

any and all VLCDs will result in about 25% of lean muscle mass being lost. so every kg down is 250g muscle, 750g fat. This is percieved as being acceptable. Exercise has minimal impact in stopping this happening.

Most people who lose weight on any diet will regain it, but the data is flawed and incomplete. what the data does suggest is that a VLCD in combination with a follow-up programme of behavioural therapy, nutritional education and physical activity actually ranks quite highly in terms of long-term maintenance. Higher than some conventional diets.

Anyway - found it interesting and thought i'd share.:)
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thank you :) x
very interesting reading.......makes it worth while knowing that going up a step in this diet doesnt really slow ur weight loss and maybe just the key to most people sticking to it longer....cheers xx


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"behavioural therapy, nutritional education and physical activity actually ranks quite highly in terms of long-term maintenance"

I think this is the stuff I've been finally doing & researching on this diet which I never did on any diet before. The key to success I believe. Of course it is not always perfect but to read that this is the key to maintenance makes me believe I'm on the right track !
Oh deffo

I think that is the key having sucessfully used CD to lose almost 5 stone before my last pregnancy. Then going straight back to my old habbits :(

Now thankfully I have an arsanal of Gennen Roth, Judith Beck and Luscious linda spangle to get me through.
What an interesting read. It's given me plenty food for thought as I've been toying with the idea of moving up to the 810 plan (I'm really struggling on SS). Now I'm not going to feel guilty for giving up SS especially as the difference in weight loss is so negligible.

Thanks for sharing Spangles x
This is really interesting, Spangles! Who was the report funded by?
don't know. it just said at the end that it was funded by a company who makes vlcd foods, and who might profit from its findings. which doesn't necessarily make it unreliable.

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