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Bit off topic, but feeling so much happier...

Hey guys :)

Just thought I'd pop in and spread a bit of positivity around!
The other day I posted a link saying that I may indeedy be pregnant after a little mistake :eek: still awaiting the verdict - as I'm due * week saturday - sat here with murderous heartburn as we speak but I'm open minded either way the result turns up :)

Anyway, this possible chance of 2nd pregnancy really kicked my butt into gear & not only have I joined one, but two mums groups in my area and am weekly going to mee up with them, sounds soo sad that I'm excited about this but! I feel like I might finally not be so lonely anymore! At 23 all my friends are out clubbing/uni/spending cash on gorgeous clothes *cue jealousy* and while I wouldn't swap my life for a moment with my son, I missed having people around to talk to, about something we have in common!

Anyway the clincher is 4 out of the 6 mummies are following Slimming World.. which is OBVIOUSLY totally awesome :) and means I'll have even more motivation to do well!

Sorry for rambling just wanted to get it allll out because I've felt so low for so long its nice to finally feel like I have a 'common' ground with people - I'm not an alien afterall!

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Glad you are feeling so positive about things, it just goes to show what a bit of positivity and a good old kick up the bum can do for you! I hope you make lots of new friends at the groups which will not only benefit you, but also your son who gets to see his Mum happier. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out good for you and whatever the result of the pregnancy test is, I'm sure that you'll do just fine :) Caz x


My belly this will be!
I only started a couple of weeks ago - I am boring everyone to death with the details and the amazing results - at least you can all share and not bore the unsuspecting!
That's great news. It must be isolating being young mum. Fab you're meeting like-minded mums. You'll have plenty to talk about which is the hardest battle won. Enjoy!
Well done hun :) I'm sure you will love the groups I just wish in my case I had found them earlier lol.

At 23 I had a 2.5 year old and a new baby and I honestly haven't ever felt as lonely in my entire life, I gave up uni to have my first son and although I don't regret it it was upsetting that my friends were moving in different circles and into clubbing whereas I was into nappies and feeds lol.

When I had my 3rd son and my relationship broke up I thought I was going to go crazy, I joined a group and made some lovely friends :)

My 'babies' are 15, 12 and 9 now and I'm still friends with the mums from the group so highly recommend them :)

No matter what the result turns out to be you will be fine :) Everything works out in the end xx
I wish you all you wish yourself.

If your mums groups are half as good as the support here they will be so good for you and the advantage of being in the real world instead of our cyber one.

Congratulation on taking the initiative and doing something about your loneliness,

hugs xxxxxx

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