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Bit random I know.........


I will do this!!!
what colour have you dyed it?
It's like a purpley colour but looks an odd brown too, it's one of those schwartzkopf live luminesse things, but its just not right on me (although it could be just under my lights) so i'm going to see how it looks tomorrow in daylight. I might just go for a dark chocolate or summat to cover it.

I've got green eyes and i'm quite pale with rosey cheeks - my husband likes it but i'm just not keen. I'll see what the kids think too they're always honest. lol



I will do this!!!
well there's a special product you can buy from boots that strips the hair back and removes all the colour, its called colour b4 and its really good.
I dyed mine today too must be what we do when we need tokeep ocupied!....i went from a med blonde to dark brown lol...i keep walking past mirrors doinga double take thinking OMG what have io done ill give it a few days and see if i can settle into it right now i feel like wiggy galore
I know what you mean Joanne, sometimes it looks ok, then i turn again and it looks awful! lol.

Will see how it goes until the weekend i think then i can always go in boots then and get something different if needs be.

My sister used to be a hairdresser, she recommended fairy liquid, tomato sauce or Head & Shoulders shampoo to strip the colour out a bit if you're in an emergency!

I must be weird.....I have never coloured my hair in my entire life! When they shampoo it at the hairdressers the girls always comment that it feels like children's hair. I'm dead lucky I guess as I only have to wash it about every three days, quick blow and ready to go!


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Sandra u make me so jealous!! my hair is so curly takes me 2 hrs if i want to blowdry and straighten out the frizz!

I tried the washing up liquid and really did work after a few washes as my hair was quite damaged the hairdresser didn't want to strip the colour out incase it started breaking off (as its very severe on ur hair), after a few weeks I could get it coloured again and now thankfully after that scare i don't dye my hair anymore!!!

Good Luck, hope it works out!!!
Lou, mine is dead straight and I haven't really changed the style in over 30 years....boring I know but I'm sure that the only reason that people say that I haven't changed! It's used to be a lovely auburn colour, then strawberry blonde and now it's very blonde.....ok nearly white really at the front. My hairdresser says she wouldn't even contemplate colouring it as she couldn't get the streaky effect that I've got naturally. Whenever I go away with girl friends it never ceases to amaze me how long their hair takes ....couldn't be ar8ed with all that TBH!

But I'd swop it to be thin!!:sigh:


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Haha i think we'd swap our grannies to be thin !!!!

My hair is naturally auburn too (but I've had it every colour under the sun) and i do like it curly i only straighten it for occasions esp as i go swimming most days so its a waste of time and energy getting the straighteners out!!!
I've got very curly hair too Lou it absolutely does my head in, i'm the only one in the family like it everyone else has got poker straight hair!

It just won't ever do what i tell it. I don't even bother straightening anymore it as it doen't last (about an hour and it's back to being curly again).

I can't really brush it either as it just knots at the ends and tangles so i use a widetooth comb when it's damp and leave it dry like that. I've also started using that Beautiful ends range by herbal essances ( i say range as it really is each product that i use lol ) and it does wonders would recommend it to anyone (but off ebay as it's a bit cheaper).

My colour is starting to grow on me a little now but i'm still not totally convinced but get a dark chocolate anyway and try over the top as i expect the purple will shine though anyway from underneath.

I was in and out of the hairdressers in half an hour! Met an old friend there that I hadn't seen for ages, she was having a good old moan about the cost of colouring/highlights and wondering how much longer she could leave it before having it done again......she's about 5' 10" tall and recently posted her summer holiday photos on FB wearing a very small bikini, though big for her as she used to wear thongs, and she's 45 with two kids!!!!! I could quite happily have smacked her!
LOL Im the hairdying queen Im sure! My hair is either black or purple depending on the season! purple in the summer

And Im an ex hairdresser, you CAN redye your hair straight away if you want to, there is no problem doing it at all!

I also have the curliest hair ever although you wouldnt believe it by my pics (its like spiral curls) but good old GHD's and all that! I use aussie shampoo and conditioners and they are fab, but Im going to look at the herbal essence ones too now :)

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