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Bit Sad-------Weigh In

Hi Everyone.....
Went for weigh in last night and only lost 1lb......... had a chat and my LLC said it was because I wasn't having all my packs...... I have only been having one pack aday if that some days....

So this week I will be having four packs a day and 6-7 litres of water....... :cry::cry:
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Deb G

Silver Member
ONE pack a day???? No wonder!! Your body is in starvation mode. Have all 4, drink the water and you'll be fine next week! I've done that all through and look at my weightlosses! Use the people on here as inspiration and remember to do it sensibly!

Good luck!
Yeah go for it Mandy, eat all you packs and you will see the difference and than you can change your DOUBTFUL to POSITIVE.

Go for it girl:)

Deb G

Silver Member
I have hot choc for breakfast at 5am
Bar for lunch (split it in half and eat half at 11am and half at 1pm)
Choc muffin with Strawberry topping (HEAVEN!) at 5pm

Set yourself times to have eaten and drunk by ie: one pack and one litre before 9am....etc...
the trick is to spread them out throughout the day. If you try and force them all down at night it wont do you any good!
and 1lb off is still 1lb off :D
Chin up pup!! It's still a pound off, and now that you know why, you can turn it around pronto!!!

<<<hugs>>>> I understand your dissappointment, but it is at least in the right direction!!! Here's to you have a superb week, and nailing it on the scales next time!!!



Silver Member
Hi Mandy
Don't feel too bad I only last .5lb I was very disappointed. But I know I have been 100% on the diet, I did start exercising last week been on the treadmill for 30 mins to an hour so was kind of expecting it not too be great. I know next week or the week after my body will catch up. And also I am sometimes naughty and don't have all my shakes/soups especially weekends when I am busy doing stuff.
The one thing I do know for sure, is that I will stick to this for as long as it takes. No ifs no buts.
Good luck with this week, I am sure your next weigh in will have you smiling again.

Mandy stick with it but please make sure you have your packs for your healths sake at least.
Your packs are not only your food intake for the DAY but also the nutrition your body requires to function properly and healthily. You are not doing yourself any good to miss any of them. 4 litres a day is quite adequate for good weigh loss and if that is easy for you - fine. You can actually drink too much and deplete something or other (forgotten what). If you are accustomed to drinking a good amount normally then this is also fine but if you normally dont drink much at all then increase the amounts in stages because you can over stretch your bladder which is painful (my recent experience). I tried to jump from 2.5 litres to 4.5litres in a day and really suffered. I am doing the cambridge diet now but have successfully lost 4 stone on Lighterlife in the past. When you do get to target, DO NOT ignore the maintenence programme as I did and put the weight straight back on again. Such a waste of all that effort and expensive too. During my time with Lighterlife I lost 1lb one week, maybe the next week too and doing the same things each week I may add - went on to lose 11 - 14lbs at the next weigh in. We all travel the same road but not all at the same speed. Just thought you might find that last bit helpful.

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