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Bitzy's diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by shannonbitzy, 14 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Extra Easy Day

    Breakfast: tin of potatoes fried in frylight with bacon and quorn sausages, half tin of baked beans 1 egg

    snack: 1 orange, 1 small banana
    Drinks : 2 coffees (with milk from HXA)

    Dinner: 58 g wholemeal bread
    bacon lettuce and tomato
    low fat mayo 2.5 syns

    tea: lamb stew
    I used a pack of frozen lamb (7syns for the bag and i guess i will be having about 1/4 of that so say 2-3 syns, used 5 stock cubes so about 1.5 syns for them
    carrots, potatoes, pearl barley, onion, swede, parsnips

    probably will have a pce of fruit after tea

    Evening while watching tv. might have a bowl of natural yogurt with frozen raspberries
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  3. janey6983

    janey6983 Full Member


    Just wondered why your lamb was synned I thought meat was free on a EE day??
  4. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    hi Janey
    well.. I bought a pack of frozen lamb and it did look a bit fatty so i put the info into the syns calculator online and it said it was 7 syns for the bag. Yes meat is free but only if it is lean with no fat, to be honest with you though , its worth making a stew with the slightly fattier lamb and it being 7 syns as its the fat on meat that gives the stew more taste.. in my opinion
  5. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Green Day

    1 small banana
    1 orange
    1/2 tin baked beans
    1 egg fried in fry light
    2 cups of coffee using some milk from HXA

    packet of savoury rice
    mullerlight yogurt

    jacket potato with 28g blue cheese (HXA) mixed with quark
    frozen raspberries mixed with vlf yogurt

    supper: hifi bar with a cup of highlights hot chocolate
  6. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Friday 16th January
    Extra Easy

    Breakfast: Optifit yogurt, banana
    Dinner: 3 eggs scrambled, grapes
    Tea: syn free chips, peas, chicken
    couple of tablespoons gravy

    while watching tele: muller light yogurt, hifi bar
    milk through day for coffee
  7. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Saturday 17th january
    Extra easy

    Breakfast: baked beans, fried potatoes with diced bacon , onion and quorn sausages, fried egg(all with frylight) 2 cups of coffee
    Dinner:was in a rush to go out so i had some beetroot, a mullerlight yogurt and an orange
    1 lollipop ( not sure of syns if anyone can help me out? but would guess about 2-3 )
    Tea: sausage casserole(made with sausage casserole mix 6syns per pack, 1 tin of mixed beans, 2 onions, about 5 carrots and a pack of morrisons low sausages 1/2 syn each ) so i would say my portion was about 4 syns, swede and potato mashed, green beans & petis pois.
    chopped pineapple for pud
    cup of black coffee
    supper :3 ryvitas with marmalade on 1 and nutella thinly spread on the other 2
    Last edited: 18 January 2009
  8. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Sunday 17th January
    Red Day

    Breakfast:1 fried egg, grapefruit & a lasting satisfaction yogurt

    Dinner: 6 melba toasts (3syns) chicken liver pate(1.5syns for the brandy i put in it) salad, orange

    Tea: jacket potato (HXB) carrots, green beans, 2 home made beefburgers with 1oz blue cheese on top (HXA)
    kiwi fruit & pear

    will have a hifi bar and maybe a yogurt later while watching dancing on ice :)

    coffee throughout day with milk (HXA)
  9. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Monday 19th January
    Red Day

    Breakfast: grapefruit, muller light

    Dinner: 8 melba toasts with chicken liver pate(home made syn free )

    Tea: potatoes 198g HXB, baked beans HXB , onion, mushrooms, egg, & bacon

    might have some frozen raspberries later
    Last edited: 19 January 2009
  10. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    oops..missed a few days !

    Wednesday 21st January
    Extra Easy

    Breakfast: yogurt
    Dinner: 4 melba toasts with home made pate
    mid afternoon 2 of my HXB scan brans with homemade pate
    couple of Daughters peanuts :eek:( no more than 10, does anyone know how many syns i should give this??
    tea: lamb stew (lamb, pearl barley, carrots, onion, swede, sweet potato, potatoes, parsnip ) syns for lamb and stock cubes 3.5
    1 tiny dumpling (2.5)
    rice pudding made with my HXA milk, sweetener, nutmeg and pudding rice
    update :rice pudding was lovely :eek:)
    supper: rest of scan bran with pate
    Last edited: 22 January 2009
  11. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Thursday 22nd January
    Green Day

    Breakfast: before taking kids to school, yogurt & coffee, after dropping them off i came home and made rice pudding with mullerlite and nutella

    Dinner: pasta n sauce with side salad

    Tea: jacket potato 1 oz of cheese HXB, savoury rice & side salad, grapefruit

    supper: left over savoury rice and a hifi bar HXB
  12. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Friday 23rd January
    Green Day

    Breakfast:yogurt, banana
    Dinner: savoury rice
    Tea: syn free chips, mushy peas & egg
    Supper 3 ryvitas with cottage cheese
    mixed frozen fruit
    snacks: grapes, orange , mullerlight
  13. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Saturday 24th January
    Extra Easy

    Breakfast: banana, 1 egg, with bacon
    Dinner: bacon , cottage cheese and egg slimming world quiche with side salad & extra light salad cream
    orange, grapes
    4 melba toasts with home made pate
    tea: chicken chasseur, mashed potato, peas/sweetcorn & green beans
    supper: hifi bar with milky coffee
  14. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Sunday 25th January
    Red Day
    Breakfast: 1 aldi optifit yogurt, grapefruit
    11am : 2 slices of ham
    4pm: side salad and 2 slices of pork, orange and a feel fuller longer yogurt
    7pm: 1 cheese (HXA) omelette with 3 morrisons diet sausages

    coffee throughout day
    supper: hifi bar with milky coffee
  15. mummy2beslim

    mummy2beslim taking one day at a time

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    slimming world
    yummy menus :D
  16. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    Another odd diet day as I've been out and about, i guess you could say its mix 2 max :eek:)

    Monday 26th January 2009
    Mix 2 Max

    Breakfast:banana, optifit yogurt
    Dinner:2 small packs of vegetable sushi from tescos(not sure of the syn value..oops! gotta be low tho surely..i hope!)
    tea: 58g wholemeal bread, tin of tuna, extra light mayo, 1 orange
    2 cups of highlights dark chocolate

    cor what a dire unhealthy kind of day! hardly any fruit or veg! Must try and be better tomorrow!!
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