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Bizzles diary.... long way to go

Well I'm new on here, plan on starting SW tomorrow so thought i would find a group to help keep me on track at night and just generally have people to talk too who are going through the same as i am.

A little bit about me well im 23 ive always had a weight problem since i was tiny, but have really piled on the pounds well stones :sigh: since my daughter was born 3 years ago and ive had some relationship problems. I now feel im at the right frame of my mind to really keep on track with loosing weight. have tried the past couple of years with SW and lost but kept putting it back on as i did alot of comfort eating! Im now at the point where im happy being single etc but unhappy with my weight and not being able to find nice clothes that fit etc have found this very difficult recently as my brother is getting married in 2 weeks and can not find anything that looks right. my main inspiration to lose weight is my daughter, i want to be able to run around the park and play with her, without being breathless and needing to sit down after 5 minutes.

so this all changes from tomorrow.... (sunday)

well i will be back in the morning to update how much my starting weight is and will take it all from there....

hope to get to know some of you and will try and aim to update this page daily.
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Keep on Truckin'
Good luck with your weight loss. Slimming World really is a great plan to follow as it really does advocate, support and teach long term good eating habits. Having said that, it's not always easy and many of us slip up from time to time and have the occasionl naughty day/days, but those that succeed ultimately are those who pick themselves up, dust themselves off, draw a line and start again without letting a minor lapse deteriorate into full scale anarchy :rotflmao:
hi thanks for that! so i finally stepped on the scales this morning and i really have got a very long way to go till im at a weight that is deemed healthy. but this time instead of feeling depressed when i saw the scales, i felt a urge of determination. I AM going to do this! I've decided that my best approach is going to have small goals that i can aim for. going to go for a stone at a time. and once ive done that. will aim for another stone etc until ive targeted my goal weight.
Good for you I am int he same position as you and I am doing it for my son! I would hate for kids to pick on him for having a fat mummy, good luck my first weigh in tomorrow not sure how I have doen as did have 1 really bad day but the scales do not lie so I will find out!!
Hi there

Just wanted to wish you good luck and lots of success. I only started SW 10 weeks ago and bye eck Im loving it :D -
It really seems to be straight forward and a way I can see myself eating for the rest of my life.

OH and well done for deciding to take control now -wish I had done it at your age ;).
Im sure you will love it on here and get all the support you need...everyone I have crossed paths with has been great.
once again -"good luck"
Hey guyz thank you for all the messages! Loving all the support on here already! making me feel better and that i have some support! my family round ere just keep saying you need to go on a diet you are 2 fat etc! when i do start something get no form of encouragement or support. so its nice 2 have it on here!

@ bex1983 good luck with your 1st weigh in 2morrow! sounds like we have something in common at least, my daughter starts nursery class in school in september and really do not want her 2 get bullied bcuz im iverweight etc same like u said!

anyway a little about my day, its been a very mad day! rushing round, and going out 2 town etc, skipped breakfast and lunch as i was out. so all ive ended up having is

green day

Dinner :- Jacket potato, 28g cheese, 2x slices of ham, cucumber + lettuce
snacks :- grapes + apples

think i may grab some weetabix later as a healthy extra

will be far more organised for the rest of the week to ensure i have 3 meals and snacks!

Also really want to start getting more active! i dont really walk anywere.... so thinking of starting to walk my daughter 2 playgroup in the morning...its a 1 mile walk there so if i walk there with my daughter, walk back home then walk back to get her and walk home together 2, thats 4 miles in 1 day! Only thing really stopping me is, i get out of breath easily as i am the weight i am, and also with the weather being so nice i have been sweating bucketloads. just wondering does any1 have any ideas that would help? im thinking if i invest in an mp3 player, it might help me when im walking to not think about oh ive got 2 walk down there now as i will be 2 busy singing along 2 the songs in my head. i obviously wont be using it when walking with my daughter.

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