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Bk to slimming world but its all changed! HELP!!!

Hi all:)
Well here i go again! After losing on lipotrim, getting ill & putting most bk on:cry:Ive decided to go back on slimming world as when on it 5 years ago i lost a fair bit. I bought the magazine yesterday and its all changed so much! quite like the look of the extra easy plan but need some pointers on what i should be eating?? Dont reall want to go to club due to costs so could really do with lots of pointers & help & maybe a buddy to join me on my journey? Have familt to cook for 2:wave_cry: Please help!!:D
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Slow and steady...
Well done for deciding to take the first step. My advice is to invest £10 and go to group for 1 week, pay for the book and the explanation by a consultant and then if money is tight, don't go back.

But the EE plan is sometimes hard to get your head around and nothing beets the SW book and a good discussion with a consultant so you can ask all your questions.

Thanks for reply:)
Are you doing the ee? Will i not be able to master it with my old green & original books? And with the help & knowledge from this site??:D


Slow and steady...
I do EE. The essence of it is:
Whats Free food on both Red and Green plans is free on EE.
You only have 1 HEXA and 1HEXB a day though.
AND you have to have 1/3 superfree food (most fruit & veg) with every meal.

Thats a very high level summary of what the plan is. If you do a search you might be able to find a more detailed overview :)



One day at a time, one step at a time


One day at a time, one step at a time
To be honest I only have the odd EE day now as find it easier to do original or green. I got fed up of the 1/3 superfree as didn't always want it but its nice to have the odd EE day ie so that you can have bolognese and pasta, or chilli and rice :)
I do EE and find it easy and my 1st week lost 10lb and my 2nd week STS and this week lost 4lb once you get your head around it I'm sure you will be fine
JackieN said:
So how are you getting on today Wannabe? Hope all going well... once you've posted 50 posts and are allowed to, start a diary on here. I find it really helps. :)
Hi, I've done slimming world and have the books and am using them again stickin to the red and green works for me. Call me thick though but what dies the EE stand for ?!! x


One day at a time, one step at a time
Hi Jackie thanks for the check in:D

Ive done ok today feel quite full as i seem to have eaten far more than i normally do!

Have another question tho are ryvita dark rye a hex??

Hope youre day has been good x
I really would get signed up with a consultant even if you never go back. I used to do Slimming World about 15 years ago & so much has changed. Things that were free are no longer, cooked fruit needs to be synned etc.

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