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This afternoon I have done a bad thing, and at the moment I feel so sick both with guilt and glutony.

I have sat and eaten a large tube of Smarties that were not mine, they were Ben's!!:break_diet::eek:

And now I feel totally ashamed of myself, I honestly don't know why I did it, I had just had lunch so can't even use hunger as an chalking today up as a Flexi Syns day and will minimise the damage by only having SuperFree food and free food for remainder of the day.

I am hoping that the way I feel at the moment, sick, guilty and overstuffed will teach me a lesson.

I am going to write everything down and syn it and then I can see what the damage really is...:mad:
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SYNS UPDATE...Don't read if of nervous disposition!!

:break_diet:For anyone interest regarding the above I have calculated my syns and here is the total as at 17.15pm this evening:-

4 x crispbread 1 x 4 = 4
1 x potato thins = 4
1 x H/L Pretzels – 4.5
1 large 170g tube of Smarties = (40g = 9)(170/40 = 4.25) 9 x4.25
= 38. 5 approx

I am definiately avoiding large tubes of Smarties in the future!!


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Don't worry. Lesson learnt and start again tomorrow!

Good luck x


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aww hun, put in behind you now theres nothing to be gained (pardon the pun) by looking at whats been done, but as you said remember how you feel now and use it when you next have the urge.

Turn your negative into a positive. xx


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Just go back to normal and don't think about it too much! Back on Track now and remember how you felt :D:D You will be fine xx

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As the others have said Hun...put it behind you and move on...however dont think that you have ruined the day and then carry on eating rubbish and start afresh tomorrow...limit the damage now and eat what you had planned for the rest of the day.