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Black or White... but which is right??

Just Do It

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C: 13st3.0lb
I have always been extreme black or white, all or nothing. Since starting LL I have been totally abstinent, I don't have tablets, husks, flavourings or anything.
And I'm starting to get a bit worried.

I've read so many posts from people who have nibbled, binged etc and I have seen how they have overcome this, learnt from it and risen above it. I am so full of admiration for all of you who have done this. You are really inspiring.

Even in my group the ones who lapse get to talk through why they did it etc and I can see they have got better as the weeks have gone by.

I'm concerned that I haven't learnt anything. Its great while I'm doing this, I find it relatively easy to say no to everything (don't get me wrong my daughter told me off last week for inhaling her bread and butter). But all the counselling sessions apply to the other me, the greedy one the one who doesn't say no to anything.

When I try to do the exercises like crooked thoughts, the thoughts just aren't there. I know that in my pre-LL mode I was riddled with them but I can't relate to them now.

I was hoping that someone who has felt like this and has got through it all can tell me if management deals with all of this again as I am worried that the sessions are just passing me by.

Thanks a lot.

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Dont beat yourself up you are doing it correctly or as intended it shows great willpower. I stayed abstinent throughout foundation and developers and I am now going into week 5 of management.

I am dealing with all these issues now I am back in the world of food. I have had things that are not on that weeks list of allowed food etc...

If you stay abstinent you will get to management hopefully quicker than if you mess around. Why risk kicking yourself out of ketosis and then having to go through the pain/discomfort of getting back into it. ketosis is the best place to be trust me it is much harder once you feel the hunger pains again.

You are doing fantastic and keep up the great work



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Claire you are doing fantastically, I wouldn't be down on yourself at all. Like Jo says, quiet the opposite. If you have the willpower to cope with abstinence then I'm sure that your maintenance/development will be smooth too when you do come up with issues.

Just Do It

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C: 13st3.0lb
Thanks for that, its what I needed to hear.

I just wanted reassurance that management will deal with the issues, as I can feel them lurking around there waiting to leap out and devour everything in site!!!


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Thanks for that, its what I needed to hear.

I just wanted reassurance that management will deal with the issues, as I can feel them lurking around there waiting to leap out and devour everything in site!!!
Thats no problem. LL would intend you to deal with the issues in Management the idea is in Foundation you remain abstinent.

Claire, just want to echo what the others have said. I too stayed abstinent and I'm now in week 11 of management. I have had plenty of opportunity to deal with issues about food! I'm glad I followed foundation as planned and have used lots of things I learned. You may learn from lapses but they make the whole process longer and harder. There'll be lapses in the future! (Well I've had plenty) I bet you've learned more than you think from foundation; you sound quite aware of the issues. I refer back to the green book and have read a lot around the various issues and think that's important for me to be successful in the long term. I have felt like you at times, so you're not alone.


The Diet Guy
Hiya Claire

I stayed abstinant through my entire weight loss as you have and have found that the "mystical willpower" that I suddenly found has stayed with me and allows me to still say no when I know I really shouldn't and also allows me to be strong when all my friends are trying to convince me to eat loads of bad things.

Take pride in what you have achieved, you are doing great



has started again!!
I have one who has lapsed and although I try not to, I am now constantly berating myself over it. I think you are doing exactly the right thing in staying abstinent. It is what the plan requires you do, and you have embraced this whole heartedly.

i truly wish I could say the same of myself. I am very concerned that I have learnt nothing, whereas I consider that you very obviously have.

Keep going! Your strength and resolve will stand in you in good stead through all the "foodie" times ahead!

Just Do It

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C: 13st3.0lb
Sez, you are one of the people who I was thinking of who has overcome the odd lapse. Your posts certainly show that you have learned loads! I think you are doing great.

I suppose it doesn't matter how we get there as long as we do!

Icemoose, you hit the nail on the head with the 'mystical willpower' description and it's great to know that yours is still going strong.
I have just moved into development after not cheating once on the 100 days & still havent. I am SOOOO proud of myself for this as like mant NEVER stuck to a diet in the past! Ever. It is hard watching others speak of their meanderings into food and listening to their exploits BUT you will have learned about your relationsip with food and some of your triggers and have resisted and learned to cope with life WITHOUT stuffing your face.
Also being abstinent allows you to observe others relationship with food and to learn by that, something I wouldnt have done if I'd eaten. You are doing what you should & changing your relationship with food and thats the whole point so WELL done! You also dont have the struggle of getting back on the diet having slipped which is apparently a nightmare so, IMO, not worth even thinking about never mind doing!!
You just keep going on your journey & let others learn their own way. There will be pleanty of time for dealing with eating issues when the time is right! Just keep on how you are and be proud of how much you've changed & how far you've come.

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