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blackouts and dizziness

hi there
decided to go to bed early as feeling weak both temptation wise and very tired, but obviously kept having to get up for the loo. each time felt dizzy and just now had a blackout, so I have forced myself to come downstairs and get another shake down me. I have made a hot choc tho and its actually ok to drink. so i think i might manage to get the 3 'meals' down me from tomorrow. im only making the hot choc with half a sachet but going to space them out and have more half meals throughout the day.
I lost my first 2 stone myself by really cutting down my portion sizes b4 coming on lipotrim and i think thats why im not managing a full sachet. going to go see pharmacist tomorrow to swap them flapacks for choc sachets i think. more chance of me getting the nutrients i need. I nearly threw some white fish in the steamer, as i cannot pass out, but hoping the hot chocolate will sort me out.
not sure why im even writing this. i guess wanted to get that off my chest.
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you need three per day its very important. If you dont feel better you need to see someone. 3 meals and all your water a day is a must. xx


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Aww hun hope youre feeling better soon, get drinking lots of water it really will help as will the early night xx
getting this hot chocolate down me then going back to bed. fortunately im working from home tomorrow so i am going to try halving all the sachets and aiming for 6 small meals - think i might get closer to the 3 sachets that way. its worth a try as dont want to give up until ive managed a full week. must keep remembering why i started lipotrim!!!!!


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Definitely hun and splitting the packs helps in the first week..i did the same! Secong week is much easier xx
you must remember why you started LT but blackouts are extremely dangerous, seriously if you cant manage all your meals try another diet. You can do this but you must look after yourself while doing it good luck XXXX


Back on the wagon!
Best of luck hun....its so important to have all 3 packs to ensure you are getting the right amount of vits and mins....
thank youuuu
going to go see the pharmacist first thing, to swap flavours but will also mention blackouts.
also a silly question. i havent been to the loo yet...you know??? lol since day 1. now ending day 3. might be cos only managing 2 sachets actually? not enough nutrients as you have all said.
lets see wat pharmacist says tomorrow.
Get Some Senokot Or Fibre Clear Or Dulcolax While Your There. Good Luck X
You will be great hun, keep us posted xxx


Says it as it is!!!
Hope you feel better tomorrow hun xxx make sure you get checked out
hi all
went to see the pharmacist and he was very nice. he swapped the flapjacks n sachets i did not want and thinks i may have gone hypoglycaemic last night when i had the blackout. when i told him i am only managing 1 and half to 2 sachets a day, he presumed i was eating to make up the calories!!! i told him i have not been and he said if i carry on like that will end up very ill as surviving on less than 300 cals basically. anyway to cut a long story short. he wants me to split 1 sachet for breakfast and lunch which is doable for me and actually eat a small balanced meal in the evening for a few days and see how that goes in terms of weight loss. I am so happy he did not say i have to give it up totally as i would have felt i let myself down. he suggested freezing half of a shake and im glad i did as im having a strawberry lipotrim sorbet for lunch. hope it works. thank you again for your support last night.


Says it as it is!!!
Glad he has given you alternatives....hope it works!!! and if it does it will be sooo much cheaper ..keep us updated hun xx
thanks nicki
gonna stick with steamed fish and chicken like in the first few days of the refeed even though pharmacist said i could move on to a balanced meal, but dont want to undo the 3 days ive put in. i feel my body has let me down. mentally im all set, so i will just have to see how this goes. i know fish and chicken are no carbs so will see how i feel this this evening and have a small piece if feel rough again. yes it defo will be cheaper as he said what i still have left from first purchase mite last me another 2 weeks. I gave most of my food away to homeless shelter but couldnt get rid of frozen - which has worked out well as have what i need so shouldnt need to shop for food. good luck nicki, youre doing so well. he weighed me for my 3 days worth on total and lost 4lbs which is good. will just have to see how it continues.
bye xx


Says it as it is!!!
4lbs is GREAT for 3 days good luck xx

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