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Blame it on the tides!


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So, I've just been listening to a quiz show on the radio and they were talking about weight fluctuations. Apparently, because our bodies are made up of 70% water (which I already knew) and because that water is salt water (which I didn't know) we are *literally* our own little oceans and as a result, because of gravitational pull we do actually weigh more at low tide.

Useful excuse, methinks...

"No, it wasn't the chocolate, it was the tide...":8855:
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Oh I'm a great believer in the power of the moon for sure - and this actually does make sense on a scientific level! ;)

Not sure I could use it as an excuse though or time weigh ins to the tide timetable............ :D xx
This is of course true, our menstrual cycles are also linked in to the tide, and the lunar month. It makes sense to me that if it can affect oceans and weather systems, it can affect the human body, which is over 70%water. Not just our weight, but our modd and emotion too

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