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Blended fruit.


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I'm a little confused about blended fruit not being free ... I mean, I've read the explanations here and understand why, but have no idea of the actual syn values.

I love smoothies made with banana, strawberries, mango, peaches etc, and would really like to start having them for breakfast again. Any help with approximate syn values would be much appreciated.
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S: 19st1lb C: 8st11lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 10st4lb(53.93%)
OK, so I guess everyone else is as uncertain as me? :D

I think I'm just going to have them as Free Foods, you know. I don't use many syns anyway, so one smoothie a day probably isn't going to put me over my allowance.


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each banana is 4 syns
medium mango is 4.5 syns
peach 28g is 0.5 syns

these are for the pureed values I can't find strawberry


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S: 19st1lb C: 8st11lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 10st4lb(53.93%)
Thanks Susie, wow that's high for banana and mango! Ugh, so frustrating - before I began SW, when I was eating disastrously, I invariably had a multi-fruit smoothie most days because I don't like most fruit when it's whole. I'm actually eating LESS fruit with SW than I was before. Which is absolutely ridiculous. They should think again about synning blended fruit.


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Aparently so - they say it's because if it's in the form of juice, it doesn't fill you up as much as your digestive system doesn't work aswell as when you eat whole fruit and you're therefore more likely to over consume!

Baffles me too! !
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Hey I'm glad to have found this thread as I was going to start a new one asking exactly the same thing...

I'm so disappointed to realise that making a fresh smoothie is not an option! I don't understand how eating a whole banana and having it squished is that different but nevermind...

Does anyone have an good suggestions for a different way to eat fruit?

Or something that might be a low/free-syn substitute for a smoothie?

Thank you!


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If I don't want them 'straight' I chop and put in yoghurt, some yoghurts are nice zapped in the microwave, so bannana and a warm toffee yoghurt is good, so is vanilla, and sometimes I put them in sugarfree jelly.

Sorry, I can't help on the smoothies front either
if you look at your general syns list which you should of recieved with all the other blurb, it will give you the syn value for stewed fruit etc, it will be exactly the same for blended.

the reason blended, cooked, pureed or mashed fruit is synned is because it generally becomes less quantity. Just think about how much you get from stewing 5 apples compared to eating one apple. Plus that one apple will take a longer to eat and generally leave you feeling more satisfied. You are also working muscle by having to bite/chew and therefore using energy which burns calories, which is completely missed if you are eating cooked/blended/mashed fruit.

if you choose not to syn it, then just be aware that you are going against SW's advice, so you know the first place to look if you find your weight loss is not coming off.

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