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My blender has just broken, i do not think it could cope with the ice.

Could anyone recommend one please.

Thanks. xxxx
Thanks Kazz

Found it in argos, thanks to your link, i was just looking at blenders but this is something else.

I will get one tommorow from argos.

Thanks. xxxx
How does the Genie deal with ice - if you make a shake do you have to bash up the ice and then add it separately?
Thinking of changing my useless Kenwood Smoothie maker which packed up five minutes after its first use and thought I would try a Genie.
hi pebbles they have the genie in woolworths 14.99 they are a godsend on this sort of diet i would nt be without it
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Debbie,is that one just a blender because the hinari genie i have been looking at is an all singing and dancing one, but the price seems to range from £24.99 to £29.99 not £14.99. xx